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The Farmer Seeking a Woman (RTL): Farmer Denise destroys Till Adam with an under-belt sentence

Farmer looking for women (RTL): Organic farmer Denise Mundig (31) with Höxter destroys Till Adam’s muscle from Kiel with a sentence under the belt on Instagram.

Höxter – In the 16th season “Bauer sucht Frau” at RTL scraps fly: Organic farmer Denise invites two men to his farm in Höxter: A lifeguard to Adam and an ordinary Sasch soldier. When working in a stable or in the yard, two pumpers must compete with each other many times.

“The Farmer is Looking for a Wife”: a disaster strikes between Denise, Till and Sascha

The newcomer “Farmer is looking for a wife” Adam lacks willingness and passion, so the participant of the “Island of Love” is sent home by horse hostess Denise. Here are some articles that clear up the dispute between Denise, Till, and Sascha:

A few weeks after the end of the season of “Bauer sucht Frau” with presenter Inka Bause (season started on June 1, 2020), there was still a violent disaster between the three hot heads. Diss-King is apparently Till Adam, who was already seen as the star of the reality show on Temptation Island and was searching in vain for great love.

Denise announces her decision in “Bauer sucht Frau”: until Adam has to go.


“The Farmer is Looking for a Wife”: Farmer Denise destroys Till Adam in one sentence below the belt

The frustration of the negative attitude towards him towards all the women he meets on TV shows leaves visible traces: The aggressive potential of a single Kiel pump is apparently growing every day. The reason for this could also be the teasing organic farmer Denise Mundig. Single mother now destroys the lifeguard in his Instagram story in one sentenceit is below the bar.

Denise Mundig dissolves Till Adam for “Bauer sucht Frau” zu / extratipp_com

The 31-year-old organic farmer from Höxter wrote on Friday: “You don’t always have to see muscles. However, muscles are not useful if used only Steroids they consist of magical shakes. Earlier, Denise accused Till of not having an interest in agriculture. Phew, it was sitting. Until Adam had a protein shake for breakfast a week on Denise’s farm, but he had to look bad at competitor Sascha.

Denise Mundig now accuses Till Adam of taking steroids, it does not match her past behavior. The candidate “the farmer is looking for a wife” repeatedly emphasized that she was for finds it very attractive optically – also because of his muscles. In the war of roses between Denise, Till and Sascha, the last word has probably still not been said.

RTL viewers will see what “Bauer sucht Frau” will look like on Monday, November 30, 2020. At 20:15 on TV or at any time on TVNOW.

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