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The movie also takes off on the streaming service: Warner takes the lead in cinemas

The announcement hits the bull’s eye: from next year, the American film company Warner Bros. plans to offer 17 premieres simultaneously in the cinema and on its own streaming service – the cinemas will lose their exclusive rights.

Author: Katharina Wilhelm, ARD Studio Los Angeles

This teaser for the Warner Bros. has an explosive power – and it reads like this: “In the coming year, Studio plans to release 17 of its big films to the theater and simultaneously on HBO Max for streaming.

This has never happened before. As there is usually an agreement between studios and cinema operators that cinematic films may only be shown on screen for weeks or months before they can be purchased or broadcast elsewhere.

But Universal Pictures has already changed its deal with certain cinema chains and shortened it to less than two weeks. Warner Bros. now goes a step further and gives audiences, at least in the US, a choice: for example, do you want to see a remake of the epic fantasy “Dune” on the couch or in the cinema?

17 films are expected

At least 17 films should be offered simultaneously in the cinema and as streaming in the coming year, including the prequel “Sopranos” “The Many Saints of Newark” and the superhero movie “The Suicide Squad”.

This move will change the industry, says CNN expert Brian Stelter: “Disney and other studios may soon follow suit. Warner Bros. He just announced that Wonder Woman 1984 will be in theaters and HBO will be in theaters at the same time Get Max out, says Stelter. “The reason is, of course, the pandemic because many cinemas have closed again. But this step is far-reaching. And viewers now have a choice as never before. “

This announcement is a bang for an already diseased cinema industry, which has suffered this year from delayed movie launches and closed cinemas.

“The heart and soul of cinema”

The Cinemark cinema chain has reacted cautiously to the Warner Bros. and announced that it would make short-term decisions in the coming year. Warner has yet to give them any details about the new hybrid model.

Warner Bros. president Ann Sarnoff said: “We know new content is a driving force for cinemas, but we have to balance that with the fact that most US cinemas are likely to have limited capacity in 2021 will.”

More specifically, this means: videos earn less at the box office. Christopher Nolan’s hit “Tenet” began after being translated several times in the cinema, and then did not live up to expectations financially.

Parallel publication is financial. To watch movies, customers must subscribe to HBO Max.

“Hollywood Earthquake”

The success of streaming platforms and the associated withdrawal from cinema have been announced for some time, says CNN’s Stelter: “The pandemic is exacerbating the movie industry. No turning back, it’s like the Hollywood earthquake. “

A couch or a cinema – American viewers can make such a choice. It is still unclear where the films will be shown in Germany. HBO Max does not exist in Germany yet.

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