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Toll: The Court of Auditors accuses scrubbing – business

Andreas Scheuer's Department of Transport violated the budget and public procurement law with his approach to road tolls and deceived the Bundestag. The Bundesrechnungshof raises these allegations in a new report published by South German newspaper she is present. The 28-page article was sent to Berlin on Monday. He went to Bundestag budget politicians. The report comes to a burning result: the Ministry would have to rethink the entire project due to financial risk.

The Bonn authority report is considered extremely explosive for the CSU minister. The controversial toll should be in line with Scheuer's will as early as next year. However, the prestigious CSU project was declared illegal by the ETS in June 2019. However, Scheuer has long ago signed contracts with Kapsch and CTS Eventim, which were to support the payment system. Therefore, there is now a threat of high compensation claims of operators in the amount of half a billion euros.

The federal government has warned of the risk of tolls

The office warned about the risk of tolls

Already in spring, the Federal Motor Transport Office raised concerns about the project of Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer, criticized doubtful contracts and refused to sign.Authors Markus Balser and Martin Kaul

Influential auditors of the Court of Auditors accuse the Ministry of two serious violations. Therefore, Scheuer should not have maintained the maximum cost of two billion euros set by the Bundestag. The final offer of the operators amounted to three billion euros. Examiners assume that this sum can only be reduced again for legal crimes to two billion euros. After the conclusion of the contract, "BMVI violated budget law," assess auditors. They suspect hidden costs. The agreement contained other "compensatory elements" that would cost the federal government a three-digit million in the coming years. The Bundestag and the public have not learned this.

In addition, the ministry must respond to major errors in the contract award process. The ministry inadvertently renegotiated with Kapsch and CTS Eventim operators, without involving other bidders. The companies jointly submitted the "final offer" on October 17, 2018, but the ministry continued to negotiate and changed the minimum contract requirements. Therefore, auditors violate public procurement law. This could now endanger the processes of withdrawn bidders – and the increasing fee process.

According to experts, the Ministry rejected all allegations and considered that this was admissible in all respects. However, examiners emphasize at work that they are still criticizing. In addition to violations of law, they also accuse Scheuer's house of not taking into account the risk of the ETS rejecting the German toll. In addition, compensation rules for operating companies are "inappropriate". In the event of an objection, the measure is finally full. "The court explains: Transport Minister Scheuer wanted to save illegal tolls with serious infringements," says Victor Perli (left), member of the budget committee. "He thus wasted millions of dollars in unscrupulous taxes and lied to parliament and the public." Much says about the state of the grand coalition that he wants to keep this minister in office.

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