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WhatsApp: An update can have bad consequences – you should do it now

If you want to share your photos and videos through the WhatsApp app, you need to be careful. A popular courier service is a change on Monday – and this can have devastating consequences.

The change comes into force today – an update from November 12

The WhatsApp Messenger service is coming into force today with an important change. This may result in the loss of photos, videos and chats sent by the user.

Great news about WhatsApp from Monday

Update from Saturday, November 10: Those who do not want to risk losing all their photos, videos and chats received or sent via WhatsApp should now act quickly: on Monday there will be a significant change in the communicator that could lead to this.

The messenger service redirects to new storage settings for Android users. The reason for this is the start of cooperation between WhatsApp and Google. An innovation that actually meets users. So far, data such as conversation history, photos and videos have always been saved in Google's online storage. The big problem was that the amount of data was based on the free space that Google provided to all clients (15 GB). From now on, the memory will be saved. But earlier users should clean large, so that unnecessary storage space would not be lost unnecessarily. Therefore, you must back up your data, otherwise the messenger service itself will be cleared.

If you want to keep your data, you should check by Monday, November 12 if the data has been archived in the last 12 months. If so, there is no risk of unexpected data loss. But if the last backup is a long time ago, a new backup is required. It works by calling the "Chat Backup" submenu in the chat settings. All data can be saved there manually using the green "Save" button. Alternative: activate automatic data backup.

This does not affect iPhone users. Their data is stored in Apple's iCloud store.

Note: WhatsApp deletes user photos and videos – our article from August 21, 2018

Munich – Anyone who wants to send a photo or video quickly to friends and acquaintances today, does it mainly via WhatsApp (the change of Krass WhatsApp is in progress as stated on *). Multimedia attachments can be quickly and easily sent and received via the messenger service, and the built-in backup feature makes it easier to store data in the cloud. So they stay even when you lose or replace your smartphone.

In November 2018, however, there will be a change to the data backup system, which may also result in the removal of photos, videos or chat history of users.

What are these changes? WhatsApp uses the Google Drive cloud for backups, giving each user a 15-gigabyte disk space limit. This free limit also stores backup data of the messenger service. So if you get a lot of movies via WhatsApp, you can quickly reach the memory limit. This should change later this year.

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The changes that WhatsApp will introduce will also benefit users because they will no longer count on the Google Drive storage limit on November 12, 2018. Users can therefore turn on automatic backups without worrying about storing in the cloud. That's what WhatsApp announced on the FAQ page. But be careful! This change will delete all backup data from users who have not been updated for more than a year.

An explanatory film: how to save photos and videos

WhatsApp: No automatic backups? How to protect your data from deletion

Anyone who has made an automatic backup of the data and has not performed a manual backup for more than a year should therefore act until the key date if he does not want to lose his data. WhatsApp also recommends manually backing up your website. You can do this by going to "Chat Backup" in the chat settings. All data can be saved there manually using the green "Save" button.

You can also set up an automatic backup that stores your data at specific intervals.

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WhatsApp: Save your data in a timely manner!

All users who do not want to lose their chat history, photos and videos should take the above steps to preserve their data. The deadline for backing up and deleting old data is November 12, 2018. However, it is advisable to take care of backups in a timely manner.


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