Tuesday , September 28 2021

Wolff offers the Grosjean test in Mercedes

Toto Wolff offered Romain Grosjean a test in the world champion Mercedes should Haas driver not be able to fulfill his dream of returning to the season finale in Abu Dhabi in a week’s time.

On the first and so far only media lap since the accident, Grosjean stated that he would definitely like to start in what is probably the last race of his Formula 1 career, if injuries allowed him to do so: “It would be a wonderful story to go to Abu Dhabi,” he says.

“If not, I’ll call each Formula 1 team and ask if anyone can give me a private test in January, just to do ten to 15 laps for me.”

Reason enough for Motorsport-Total.com to ask the Mercedes team boss during the Sachir Grand Prix qualifying videoconference if he could imagine giving Grosjean the Mercedes World Champion – if necessary, an older model so as not to take away the precious time for ordinary drivers during the Barcelona winter tests.

Wolff’s answer is surprising: “If it is allowed, and no one in the world of the teams he rides for can offer him that, we would.”

Grosjean has so far competed in the 179 Grand Prix of his Formula 1 career. In 2009, he followed Nelson Piquet Jun. seven races for Renault. After the break, the prime minister returned to the class only in 2012 with Lotus (he emerged from Renault). In late 2015, he left Lotus for Haas.

But the US team Haas is one of the smallest racing teams in Formula 1. It is unclear whether it will be able to raise funds for a private test, especially for Grosjean. On the other hand, Mercedes carries out such tests quite frequently. For example, in the past, Lance Stroll and Nikita Masepin sat in the Silver Arrows discarded.

For now, however, Grosjean’s priority is to race in Abu Dhabi: “The right hand will be 100% ready,” he is optimistic. “And the strength in the left hand is getting better and I can move it better every day. But it’s still quite swollen from inflammation. It has to come back now.

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