Bank sale exposes the risk of 600 units in Chr …


Author: Alexandra Tombra

On the 600-point market, the Athens stock exchange is currently in motion, and the bank's bankruptcy is well-maintained and is captured by concise procedures and the psychological limit of $ 4 billion in the capitalization of the sector, whose losses currently reach 5%.

In particular, the general index noted a decline of 2.49% to 69.01 points, while the turnover was 15.4 million, and the volume was 10.6 million. Losses of 2.34% are also recorded by FTSE 25, at 1 571.20 points, while the banking index decreases by 4.69% to 416.30 points.


Now the banking index is approaching the record low level in 2016. When the last capital increase was made at the level of 1000. The index is now close to 400, of which 380 and 359 are next supports. 458 units are in resistance, according to Elder Zacharakis Fast Finance.

According to him, MSCI played its role by the 30th day of the month being the date of outflows. Opponents of serious opponents buyers do not exist in this case and they gave a strong seller on time.

Indeed, Mr. Zacharakis reminds that Piraeus is at a historically low level, NBG on its historically low (0.99), Alpha Bank with a 10% decline historically low (0.99) and finally Eurobank a significant distance from the background 0 , 24 €.

And all this just before the banks announce the results of the nine-month period 2018. Eurobank announces results on Thursday, November 22, Alpha Bank and National Bank on November 29, and Piraeus Bank announces results on November 30. Deutsche Bank also provides estimates that the drop in net interest income will be in the foreground.

According to Deutsche Bank, NPE reduction is the key to reviving Greek banks. According to D.B, the decline in endangered exposures in Greek banks ranges from 2.5% to 7.6% in the third quarter, with the National Bank showing the lowest and Alpha Bank the largest. The large fall in NPE in Alpha Bank this quarter results mainly from two sales portfolios – Jupiter and Mercury – with a gross value of EUR 2 billion in loans. On average, Greek banks will lower NPE by 5% in the quarter.

This deterioration on the Athens stock exchange combined with international pressure is burdened by the image of Greek counterparts, and the yield of 10-year increases to 4.66% from 4.55% yesterday, while Italian 10-year despite controversy between Rome and Brussels in relation to the budget for 2019, it is 3.61%.

Currently on the table Alpha Bank has a loss of 6.88%, and Piraeus, GEK Terna and Mytilene have fallen by over 4%. Losses of 3.35% for Ethniki, and more than 2% are in Fourlis, Sarantis, Eurobank, PPC, Motor Oil, OTE and OPAP.

Over 1% are losses in Biochool, Coca Cola, Hellenic Petroleum, ADMHE, HELEX, EYDAP, Jumbo and Terna Energy, while Grivalia, Lambda, Titan and OLP are slightly reduced. Only Aegean moves to FTSE 25 in a positive territory, but gains 0.42%.


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