Best clover, lost union


Panathinaikos left PAOK and the UEFA behind the bad game. Giorgos Doni's players were completely focused, created opportunities and won the winners of the champion's impressions who had been less than a long time and could not take advantage of PAOK's loss.

Remember the evolution of competition while viewing through

Except Kolowetz, Kulibali!

Maybe Dimitris Kolvetzios was a trainee on Friday, maybe it was in the mission, but at the last minute the medical staff was red … and the experienced guard was not in the rafters!

Didoud set off under the beams. Left-handed Insuas, better Johansson and three in the center of defense for Pongoura, Mavrommatis and Koolimbali! Kourbelis and Dion on the centerline axis. Hatzigiananis and Bouzoukis Makedas are 3-4-2-1.

Ouzounidist attacks a fool

Today's Derby was … final at AEK, as it would have lost more land in the event of a loss and the victory would take full advantage of the Peristeri PAOK ghetto.

Marinos Ouzounidis, who turned clover as a rival, made every creature on the grass.

Barca defended the home team. Hult on the left side of the defense, Bakakis on the right. Oikonomou and Tsigrinski are the duo of the pimp. Simoes and Galanopoulos are the central tool. Left Mandalos, better Boege and Livagia, and Punch at the top of the attack.

Panathinaikos is excellent but without material!

In the first half, Panathinaikos played better, holding the ball (57-43) and those who got closer to the quad-a-quake in macedonia – after Kourbeli's wonderful action, which Barca objected and was zero! Dion's players were under pressure to develop AEK, AEK's game, and four of the most productive footballers, while the second-third in the stadium was easily sold.

Mantalos, Boege, Ponsse and Livaye did not cooperate, it was a shadow of their own good, and it was good that Union Hunt was highest, such as the Ponce chapter after 36 years after Swedish clubs blocking Dioudis.

However, Panathinaikos missed 34 on the first hand when the inaccurate Mavrommatis lost the ball from Ponsse outside the area, the Argentine entered the box but instead of finding the defeated Livagia … nowhere!

Ten minutes … fire!

In the second half of the year, the first quarter was fairly balanced. After an hour's game is over, as if the … switch turned around! The game was running fast and the two teams threatened to find the goal that led them to the horrendous ten-minute period of the 70s.

AEK Livavi was fired at the moments of the 62nd and Mandalos, while Panathinaikos, who fought the most sophisticated stages, slowed down 1-0 with Bouzouki's shot and Hadjitheodoridis quad-a-quat did not shoot.

The two coaches played for the victory and Panathinaikos showed that he wanted more and AEK took less risks.

Finally 0-0 left until the last whip of the raffle …

MATCH MAN: It's a tough choice for a game that was not a big player. With the marginal difference, the excellent Yiannis Bouzoukis, who won the undisputed MVP, Dimitris Kourbelis entered the corner. It's very good at the second part, the first game in action, and the transfer of Makedas to quat-a-quat.

IN HEIGHT: Nicklas Hult. The Swede was very good from the first to the last minute, good suspension, a great creative lineup and some good choices.

KARYK: Panathinaikos had three great opportunities for goals, stages that should have been better and finally AEK with knitwear. Macadam quad-a-rumble, Bouzouki's shot and the Hatziotheodoridis phase were not a goal and made an opportunity to move forward and turn the victory to the derby.

GAPA: Fanis Mavrommatis has sold the ball several times from the Panathinaikos area, where it is simply forbidden. Fortunately, he and his team at AEK were unable to take advantage of these mistakes.

STRUGGLE: Good choice between Dratet and his assistants. It's totally correct in disciplinary control.

THE GAZZETTA.GR FUND: Panathinaikos and AEK remained 0-0 in an excellent derby, which held the rhythm and phase in the second part of the second part before the two firing. Donald's team showed that he could be competitive in the derby, while Uusupidis missed the opportunity to score after PAOK lost Peristeri.


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