Sunday , July 25 2021

Big Brother: “In the Knives” Anna Maria and Sofia – what Kehagia’s father says

The situation got out of hand at Big Brother’s house, after the outbreak of Kehagia there was a loss between Anna Maria and Sofia Danezi

About “sweets” were forgotten in the house of “Big Brother” and them Sofia is back “on the knife edge” with Anna Maria. “He dressed her as a bride” and that was the last time they managed to coexist. Another epic quarrel between Anna Maria Psyharaki and Sofia Danezi broke the record in Thursday’s episode (3/12) shortly before the show and departure.

“Ramona left in disgust, and now I’m angry,” Sophia said to Anna Maria, who replied, “You’re doing the wrong strategy and you’re poisoning me.” Sophia claimed that Anna Maria was jealous and there was an unprecedented quarrel.

H. Sophia she put up with it Jacques, when he stepped in to calm the situation. The last candidates to go live on Friday (4/12) will be in addition Dimitris Kehagia, Sofia Danezi, Anna Maria and Grigoris. Next Friday – according to the report from the program “Happy!” – after the concert, a big surprise awaits the players of “Big Brother”. Former players who will re-enter the Big Brother house and change the balance in “Big Brother” will be Deputy mayor, Aphrodite, Mikołaj and Rania.

Big Brother: Dimitris Kehagias’ father tells about an argument with Varouxis

THE father of Dimitris Kechagias spoke on the air of the program “Happy!” for the character of his son. After an epic quarrel with Christos Varouxis, a quarrel that revealed the Big Brother player in Greece, his father introduced a vulnerable character who had been ‘squeezed’ into the game and felt betrayed as everyone turned their backs on him. “Regarding a particular weakness that Dimitris Kechagias showed to Sofia Danezi and whether they will be a couple outside the game, Kehagias’ father declined to comment further. He even believes that Anna Maria is most likely to win.

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