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Century Casino for Tottenham Hotspur: out of 4th league League Cup!

Mauritian Pocetino varieties in eleven and perhaps tired of continuous matches forced Tottenham to shock in the third round of the English League Cup, penalties from Colchester, a team of the 4th league!

One of the biggest surprises in the English League Cup was the opponent of the Tottenham Champions League. "Spurs" Mauricio Pocetino, in a number of changes and … the blues style in this match in the third round, saw the humiliating defeat of Colchester 4-3 in penalties (0-0 regular time) and were excluded from now!

The Argentine technician only used Maury and Dele Ali from the so-called "basics", while only in the regular season finals he tried to circle the game, throwing both Eriksen and Lamela onto the pitch. However, nothing changed until the final despite having the ball that reached 75% of all 20 final attempts. The visitors did not find a goal, and in the penalty shootout players Colchester, a team competing in League 2 – the fourth league of the country – and … just 70 places behind today's opponent, were those who remained cooler and survived the critical shootout when Lamel's road failed and Eriksen!

For the modest Colchester this is her first performance in the 16th tournament after 44 years, while unlike the Tottenham technician, who still ignores an important title in his career, this is his first block on the island by the lower league team after 18 knockout matches. Apparently, his team's schedule is extremely heavy, with seven games in 21 days, but from the first minutes of news about the blockade of Tottenham, the English media has recently been heavily criticized for his team's election and preparation.

Gone are … more favorites

Aside from Tottenham's Grand Prix and Colchester historical qualification, the rest of the underdogs were not as lucky as the favorites. In fact, Crawley Town (also League 2) qualifying over Stoke City in the Championships is surprisingly high coverage. Arsenal then converted V Nottingham Forest 5-0 Vangelis Marinakis, Watford 2-1 Swansea, Southampton 4-0 Portsmouth, Manchester City 3-0. -0 from Preston and Leicester 4-0 from Luton's "home".

Detailed results of the day:

Arsenal – Nottingham Forest 5-0
Luton – Leicester 0-4
Portsmouth – Southampton 0-4
Preston – Manchester City 0-3
Sheffield Winston-Everton 0-2
Watford – Swansea 2-1
Colchester – Tottenham penalty 4-3 (goal 0-0)
Crawley – Stoke City 5-3 punishment (1-1 cm3)

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