Sunday , July 25 2021

Erdogan: France will get rid of Macron soon

Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued new inflammatory statements against French President Emanuel Macron.

Speaking to Hagia Sophia, where he made another appearance on the eve of the European Council, the Turkish president described Macron as a problem for France, expressing the hope that he would get rid of him.

“Macron is a problem for France. With Macron, France is going through a very dangerous period. “I hope France will get rid of it, otherwise it will not be able to get rid of the yellow vests,” he said.

Otherwise, he said, the “yellow vests” will turn red.

Michelle: Ready to use available tools

Earlier Charles Michel, President of the European Council, called on Turkey to stop playing “cat and mouse” in the Eastern Mediterranean.

As regards the possibility of imposing sanctions, he stressed that at the December summit “we will discuss with the 27 Member States how we imagine progress in this relationship”.

“We are ready to use the tools at our disposal when we do not see any positive moves from Turkey,” he added.

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