Here are ten elites that will face intruders! She asked for a voluntary exit …


For five players, the "journey" to Nomads has been completed!

Lemurians were once again the big winners in the Nomads election competition and had the opportunity to vote and send another player to the new team to be created.

New settlement! "I have been nourishing my life for a month" – "Let me talk to you …"

The leaders of the week were Mike and Marios Akribopoulos and Marianna Kamarotaki and Dimitris Marmaras, who voted after the Lemurians on Friday and Saturday. So in these four, added Gregory Morgan.

Then the scene was moved to the Nomads arena, where Savvas Poumbouras announced five players who went on to dozens thanks to the public: Charistea, Alexandros Sighs, Dimitra Alexandraki, Atena Costopoulou and Christos Vassilopoulos.

10 Selectives: Mike, Marios Akrivopoulos, Marianna Kamarotaki, Dimitris Marmaras, Grigoris Morgan, Charistea Municipality, Alexandros Sirs, Dimitra Alexandraki, Atena Kostopoulou, Christos Vassilopoulos.

Moves: Dimitris Koukourikis, Katia Covagan, Alex Kavvadias, Dimitris Gialamas, Dimitris Korgialas.

Dimitra Alexandraki, although she went into the election, expressed her willingness to leave voluntarily. Savvas Pubouras, however, persuaded her not to leave today to sit down to think about it and react to production tomorrow.

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