Hieronymus: Tsipras will tell us what religious neutrality means in the Constitution – Politics


The Archbishop of Athens and all of Greece, Ieronymos, referred to the issue of religious neutrality in the constitutional review today after the meeting of the Holy Synod, in which he stressed that "the prime minister will tell us what he means, but when we say he is religiously neutral … he is I would like to live in Germany and be religiously neutral, it is a neutral state, it helps the Church, it works perfectly with the Church, France is religiously neutral, but relations are hostile, have nothing to do, etc. I would not like … Belgium, Brussels , religiously neutral, but all the salaries of religious officials paid to the state, so we should first explain what we mean as neutral, I believe that it will be possible, it will work, we will work tomorrow. "

Asked if he wants to ask the government to explain what religious neutrality means, he replied that "we have not yet achieved, but we are concerned about this issue."

He also spoke about Katsifa in Albania and his body, which he did not give, and said that "Katsifas was Greek in northern Epirus and we admire him for what he has done, but it would be better if the Archbishop of Albanian said Anastasios, who knows better. "

Asked to respond to the commentary, which in the old Hierarchy press reports, but also about one of the red lines of the Church, sounded that the state and the church are about the nation, the Greek and can not stand out, the prime minister of the Greek Church stressed: "To understand better, we must think that there is another Greece apart from Greece, but so many millions, are these people forgiving them? Are we persecuting them? Are not they Greeks? I see that we also want to vote them now, this is something we need to talk about. We are used to it here in Greece We need to worry more – everything, the state and the Church – Greece as a nation, not Hellenism, but Hellenism, and we forget about it. That is why it is an opportunity for all this, to renew the Constitution and differences between us to be an opportunity to decide things that will benefit our nation. Ciola, or it called the state ".

In addition, he said he was not surprised by the issue of religious neutrality because "we talked for a long time, the idea is to come up with what we mean when talking about religious neutrality." He stated that "the ideal for us would be to be at home, but to cooperate to get along well, the State and the Church are not rivals, we must learn to cooperate, and when our people suffer, be close to it and stand still. to think about many things from the very beginning and change some ideas, and we, very rawness and condition, have a lot of sloppiness. "That's why we have a lot of action to come," he added.


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