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Katsifas Funeral: Draconian Security Measures in Vouliarates

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Leaves and feathers are made by policemen on the border with Albania, even car machines that pass from Kakavia, because due to the funeral Konstantinos Katsifas are concerned that it may be distraction.

Since morning The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Citizenship are called Greeks who are going to Vouliarates for a 35-year-old funeral show restraint and respect in the memory of the dead.

Audits, as shown by the film with Wiadomości Fakssem Albania, are difficult, while there are allegations that Albanian policemen "wore" Greek who wanted to cross the border to check his tattoos, while in other cases they were asked to give the Greek flag or flags they had with them.

Funeral of Konstantinos Katsifas will take place today at 2:00 pm Greek time (13:00 local time) in the temple Agios Athanasios in Vouliarates.

The body of a 35-year-old Greek homogeneous he was transferred from Tirana to his place of origin on Wednesday after 10 full days and today the curtain will fall into an evolving thriller from October 28, he restored the nationalist feelings of both Albania, and also in Greece.

Concentrations of Konstantyn Katsif's memory

Konstantinos Katsifas: mother crying screams when she saw him dead

Wednesday on Wednesday Konstantinos Katsifas's body returned to the family covered with the Greek flag, during expenses burials will be covered by municipal authorities.

In Vouliarates they travel by road from all Greece to members of the Nordic Continental Organizations, take part in the funeral.

The body of Constantine Katsif arrived in Vouliarates

Family Lawyers Katsifas: "We need to know how Constantine died"

They are expected to arrive there at least 2,000 people, so security measures will be draconianhow the Albanian authorities are afraid occurrence of episodes.

enabled At 21:30 on Wednesday evening, five buses started from Larissa station to Vouliarates, while the vehicles were chartered by other cities, such as Thessaloniki, Larissa and Ioannina.

According to the Albanian media there are 2000 policemen, and the chief of the Albanian police goes to the village. At the Kakavia border station severe checks are carried out by Greek and Albanian police officers and their number staff carrying out cross-checks.

Constantine Katsifas will be buried in the costume of the commander

Katsifa's body was given – his funeral on Thursday

However, the police who are in Vouliarates have been instructed not to approach the Holy Temple of St. Athanasius where the unusual sequence of Konstantinos Katsifas will be named, not to cause or exacerbate the tense atmosphere.

Konstantinos Katsifas died dead on the anniversary of October 28 after clashes with Albanian commandos, because of the fact that the police brought the Greek flag, which he brought up in his village, where lies the Military Cemetery 40. The destroyer of the Epoch.

The outburst of Katsif's parents: "They are crazy, they do it on purpose"

Vassiliki Katsifa: "My child will be a hero and I am a hard mother"

Katsifas, according to local media he had a dispute with an Albanian policewoman, he went home, he took a Kalashnikov and began firing into the air. Albanian commandos chased him and, in unspecified conditions, shot him with a bullet in the chest and one in the head.

What followed then was something unprecedented, how the 35-year-old lawyers said: after the Albanian authorities were late for capitulation his family's dead body to burywhile they did not allow the Greek coroner to control the bodies.

Several of them spoke for trying to hide the real conditions of Katsif's death, leaving the opportunity open even a cold run.

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