Kotzia: ND replicates common criminal defamation – News – News


Former Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias opposes New Democracy. The main opposition was the announcement of the main opposition, which contained a reference to it.

Mr Kotzias was accused of accusing György Soros of the common criminal misrepresentation of György Soros's bribery.

He says in his post:

"The miserable New Democracy is reproducing common criminal defamations." After bullets and bloodbags, threats to my moral integrity began. "Eliminating all of these threats – blackmail turns against democracy and sends them to the prosecution."

It should be recalled that the New Democracy Press Office had issued the following statement, which triggered the reaction of the former Foreign Minister:

"Mr. Bammen, instead of the helicopters, tell the citizens what he has to say about bribing Mr. Kotzia about the company of George Soros complaining about the closet." And explain why he has checked OLAF's service in the dark way to fund refugee funds. "


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