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Loss is our habit – Articles – Nikos Zervas – Articles – Olympic basketball – Olympic

For those who know the Euroleague league well, Olympiacos' chances of winning against Efes have been significantly reduced by last week's Turkish team's match at OAKA. Opposite Panathinaikos, Ataman's players were desperately unhappy, of course much better than the "reds" and "greens" and had the chance to respond to the clearly lower, lower barrier of the former. Opera is coming.

Of course, Olympiacos also reacted, but only in short intervals in the first and third quarters was competitive and competitive, but basketball did not convince him. Because they can rightly host and disappoint 5/18 in the last Euroleague win and their third consecutive defeat at home for the first time since the 2004/05 season, but the worst for the Reds is that they show improvement and will be difficult to finish thanks to a more qualitative and ready data from these teams. Record 2-5 leaves little room for more positive thoughts about continuity and creates, if not already, the risk of losing the goal at the start of the season.

With helpers … well, the word "martyr" was heard more than five times and no one denied it. The main thing is that Olympiacos begins and gets used to failures, which in the future will cause significant damage to his psyche and gout as a team. And how to convince the world that others are expecting and others see, it is normal that they are experiencing it because of the wrong way to form a team, the lack of quality, and especially the fact that they had to make a second preparation in October and November. Well, that's all, but if you don't see the smallest perspective team, five thousand SEFs will immediately become three, until the team is completely depressed.

All this would be much more bearable and easier to master if there was no administration, voice, … hearing, but these are things millennia. Under these circumstances, Olympiacos does not seem to be able to recover, and even the most experienced analysts are not able to determine if it is a matter of additional transfers, coaching, etc. On an unknown boat … I hope this team will continue because in After all, he doesn't even do simple things on the dance floor. Because the quality of Micic-Larkin is amazing, the difference between the two teams was amazing when a third bodyguard (BC Bobua) would play comfortably at the Olympics first, but there is no explanation that the best Euroleague center made only five attempts and all three offensive rebounds.

There is no explanation that a child at the level of the Champions League and Juocap (BC Panther) thinks in all games that he is in the yard of his house and shoots without a break. There is no explanation in the game that you want to react to committing 17 mistakes and not pushing the defense as if it was your last game. There is no explanation as to how many mistakes Blatt made and what he had in mind when choosing Boldewin, Kuźminska and Rubita, who are not only cheap in Greek. There is no explanation that realistically, the only profit this season can bring this perspective is Antonis Koniaris.

Olympiacos is now living in a different era, and as soon as everyone knows it, the harder … the harder it will continue. But he must do everything to fight it. Otherwise, what he has laboriously built in the last few years will lead to a total collapse, with unpredictable consequences and reactions of the world …

PS: They all have a very bad year and all the negative conditions for everything we have seen so far have arisen on Olympiacos. Even now there is time for communication and a world that, if it listens to words and sees perspective, will support.

Y.C.2: After Baldwin, finally Kuźinska's decision to leave was made. It's about how easy it is to get out. It is impossible so far.

PS.3: The title is inspired by the song "Transparent Lilies". The melancholy of their lyrics and music is ideally suited to this year's Olympic Games.

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