Nick Kyrgius appealed to psychologists – "Maybe I'm late"


After a year with a few ups and downs, but also many "explosions" in court, Nik Kyrgyzos decided to turn to psychologists.

The 23-year-old Greek tennis player finished the season in October due to an elbow injury. But starting preparations for next year, the 37th world ranking decided that he should not just prepare his body.

"Of course, I did some things in and out of court this year, so it was not that easy, but I started going to psychologists," he said in The Canberra Times.

"Maybe I'm a little late but I do it and I feel that I can talk about it openly, I do not feel that I have to keep these things a secret," he added.

Although he was very talented, Kyrgios became best known for his outburst in court, and as a result he became the target of intense criticism for his behavior.

The 23-year-old Australian said he was lucky to be able to do an international tennis career and decided to change his schedule so that he would not "burn down" physically and spiritually again.

"With my team, we're going to create a good program. I do not think I've done it well in the last few years, because I did not even have one year until the end of the season," he commented.


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