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… Reaction is a dish eaten cold. News

After two consecutive defeats against Valencia and the Basque Country in Spain, I was 101% sure of it Panathinaikos it would show a completely different face Bayern Munich.

Do you want him to have a few days to calmly prepare? Would you like there to be no travel? You want the German national team, yes, the season has started exceptionally, but it’s not a fear Euro League; As it turned out, the “greens” bit the iron on the floor, “choking” Bayern with their defense and somehow confirmed what I had expected to see at all OKAY.

In fact, I had a strong belief that he would introduce a similar person in Astroballe. On the one hand, he was playing with his own team, and on the other hand, the game was approaching … the best possible moment for a away victory: I shouted “Dry double” (and no, I’m not old Jovis). Well, in order not to extend the result, we all know it. Crash with unconditional delivery in … Golden State Villeurbanne with three points 17/24 and again the same scene of frustration and reflection.

I’ll tell her my sin. I gave him absolutely no happiness Panathinaikos in connection with the match at Milan. Not because he couldn’t win. Unfortunately. Here we saw different and different results. But with sub-zero psychology, no time for psychological and competitive regeneration, no time for rest, I say … devil’s week, without overtaking the coaching team and properly prepared players, I couldn’t find a Panathinaikos win the “Mediolanum Forum”.

The only thing to bet was that it wasn’t a “must”, as it was in Lyon, that the team would play freely, play their game, and also get the best they can. You saw what happened. From the zenith Bayern in her nadir Villeurbanne and from there head back to the peak of the season. No. I didn’t expect it to come out Panathinaikos such a firm response and in such a short time.

And this is credited first to the coach and then to the players. Bad lies. It is very difficult for a trainer, especially since he has no experience as head trainer Euro Leaguein order to be able to … collect the squad’s pieces after the crash, stimulate the morale of the players and show them so focused, ready and determined to drastically change the bad image it preceded. And he did.

There will be others … Villeurbanne and others … Armani

In Greece, unfortunately, we learned to equalize everything after defeat and properly idolize everyone and everything after a good victory. This alone does not benefit the teams themselves, and in this case neither Panathinaikos. Everyone should take it easy and remember well that the season will be very difficult and that by the end of the season it will be … more Villeurbanneas well as other … Armani. Because there will be healthy criticism after every game. I wrote after the game Lyons that this year will be like a roller coaster with its ups and downs. But Panathinaikos neither promised octaves or anything like that. He promised the person who got hooked Milan. Even if he lost, nobody would say anything. Nevertheless, the “brand” is huge in Europe, and no one but no one is satisfied with a good appearance accompanied by failure. On the other hand, “cannibalism” leads nowhere.

And let’s go to the game with her Armani. “Clover” obtained “excellent” in terms of composure, devotion to defense, but also correct “reading” of everything that the Italian team gave him. The most iconic phase was at 39 ” before the end when Nedovic did not try to swim but secured the basket with alley oop Papagianniwhile the ball … whistled! In this case, the perception of the Serbs and the instructions from the bench also spoke.

Ever since I said about him Nedovic. In match with Bayern, they made a note with him Papapetrou 15 of the last 16 points Panathinaikos. in Milan they scored the last 8 out of 10 points and also took part in the last 10 thanks to this assistance from “Nedo” in Papagianni. They know that they will take the ball when it “burns” in the attack and Panathinaikos Thus he “will live or die.” Besides, the two big shots they made with a score of 75-70 in Armani’s favor reflect the truth of his words. 75-76 ο Panathinaikos, momentum shift, psychology launch and the rest is history!

What did he do? Βόβορας to have a Serb with a “clear” mind? She kept it on the bench for a long time in the second half, having it on the floor Bohoridis. It may not have started well in the match but was one of the cornerstones to change Panathinaikos game. I don’t know the exact number, but the Greek guard’s success rate in the blocks he chased can be as high as 100%. Besides, the purpose of the “green” bench was clear, because he wanted to have a defensive five on the court, and that’s because only this way the team could return to the match.

WITH Saint-Ross, Bohoridis, Papapetrou, White and Mitoglou at the beginning and later Papagiannis. He somehow turned the game over and recruited them where needed Duster and Nedovic have the (easiest) attack result. There was a concrete plan and as said Thanasis Yaples in Nova, his assistant George Βόβορα on the “green” bench, the credit goes to the players who correctly implemented this plan.

Of course, the one who held it Panathinaikos there was none other than him Dino Mitoglouthat showed the stability he has to put in his game, with no ups and downs and no big “gaps”. Usually it started out fine, but then its performance dropped. But in Milan it was “one hundred pounds” for “greens.” In addition to the 7/7 of two points, he was a key player in rebounds, he stole the ball once, and as a result he surprised the phase with a difference of up to 6 points at the end of the third period he finished.

The right time

THE Papagiannis he continued with the same stability he has this season which is perfectly reflected in his PIR. In particular, it counts seven consecutive matches with a double-digit number in the index ranking, and 9 out of 11 matches this year Euro League! If nothing else, it shows the presence and step of “Big Papa” that you are playing Milan he was more than a key player in the defense, “covering” the Greek basket, handing out corks and sagging like … straws.

I will especially refer to Άαρον Whitewho vehemently rejected harsh criticism at the start of the season. He is not only a good roller, but also a hero. Important baskets ended with a throw for three in the second half, which helped in the retreat Panathinaikos match, but the most important thing? Good defense, energy and mood in the collections “collecting” 10 “rubbish” in the “Mediolanum Forum”. And note: this season he has 7.2 points with exceptional interest (70% for two points, 47% for three points and 93% for shots!)

This victory has come in due time. Not only did he “erase” the bad impressions from the match with her Villeurbanne but it has come to a point where Panathinaikos is bound to donate three consecutive home games to opera and means it will be able to run better and smoother without traveling for Next two and a half weeks and until the final settlement with Maccabi in End Aviv (22/12).

Of these three games against Żalgiris (11/12), Real (15/12) i Alba (17/12) Don’t be surprised if the Greens lose one of the theoretically always more satisfying matches and win it against Madrid. Or at least that’s what they’ve done so far, against top-tier teams Euro League (with Barcelona, CSKA, Effects, Armani) has a highly competitive face. But I want to believe her suffering Lyons became a solid lesson in his classrooms Panathinaikos and that he does not intend to present the same person in “must win” matches as it is with them Lithuanians and Alba...

PS: Panathinaikos’ biggest gain from the game in Milan was the reaction he showed INSIDE the match, without being pulled down the slope of the first half. Show character and react inside the floor!

ΥΓ2: Two minutes left at 73-70, a non-existent foul was credited to Papagiannis, who cut Shields very clearly. The American aimed for a “pair” of 75-70 shots and almost lost at that point before the Greek side “responded” with three points to Nedovic and Papapetrou. This was a key phase that could reveal the ultimate winner.

ΥΓ3: For victory in Milan to be worth points, Panathinaikos must score AT LEAST 2/3 in OAKA

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