Wednesday , June 16 2021

Super League: Closes the big round of derby Sport

Fortune and Kourbelis, two of the few who have been in their teams in recent years, will be barracks of tomorrow's derby in Karaiskakis, of which Olympiacos need more than three victory points to avoid losing contact with the leaders.

The brightest link in the chain of the next derby, which in six races gives a strong Super League color, enters tomorrow in "C. Karaiskakis" with the most classic game of Greek football. Olympiakos – Panathinaikos, therefore, the "mother of all battles" in the field of Greek sports, no matter what this confrontation sees on the absolute scoreboard. Two 24 hours after the basketball match at OAKA for Euroleague, two "eternal enemies" re-crossed their swords, this time on the football field in the 10th Super League.

At the beginning of the season, three months earlier, few would expect that these derby would be so competitive. Panathinaikos's problems combined with his sixth punishment seemed excessive in pursuit of high goals. The Greens, however, are doing well to the point that they went to Faliro tomorrow, winning more than Olympiakos on the pitch, even if it is not reflected on the scoreboard because of their penalty.

"Reds" are four points behind the PAOK champion and there is no room for losses, especially now that the "Chopper of the North" program looks very good until the end of the first round. They are coming from three consecutive victories in the league and Europe, the latter being 5-1 against Duddelz in "Karaiskakis" for the Europa League.

Panathinaikos is also in good shape. After poor Tubas braked where he had his first and only defeat this season, he showed a clear improvement in the AEK derby and he could win. This is the third in a row derby for "green" and aims to get a good result, which hopes for something better, in the summer season, which seemed to be condemned. The derby judge was 35-year-old Swiss Adrien Jacobek.

A great game will take place a few hours earlier and in (behind closed doors) OAKA, where the AEK champion receives second in the ranking and invincible Atromitos. "The Union" is far behind, there are no realistic targets in Europe and it is forced to win the match to stay in the championship goal and put an end to the challenge of recent bad results. Wounded in two consecutive defeats in Europe, PAOK is also the champion who will be visiting Touba Panetoliko tomorrow with the ambition to start a new streak after he stopped last week in Peristeri.

10. the game will be played in three parts, and all games will be particularly interesting from the middle and from the bottom, and the scoreboard will look like moving sand. Even bands … of suspects, such as Asteras Tripolis, who do not say to break the tail and are tested in the unconquerable headquarters of Chavou Lamia, have mistakes. A very critical point in the battle during the stay is the match Levadiakos – OFI, and if he loses in Larissa, PAS Giannina will also start to overwhelm. Apollo is looking for a kiss of life in the face of the next 4 defeats of Aris, who plundered Paco Erera, while for her great Xanthi her playing with Panionio now has … the smell of Europe.

(Novasports 1), 19.30 Xanthi – Panionios (ERT), 19.30 Levadiakos – OFY (Novasports 2), SUNDAY: 15.00 AEK – Atromitos (Novasports 2), 17.15 PAOK – Panatholikos (Novasports 3), 19.00 Olympiakos – Panathinaikos (Novasports 1) , 19.00 Olympiakos – Panathinaikos (ERAS), 19.00 Apollon – Aris (ERT).

RANKING (9 games): PAOK 23, Atromitos 21, Olympiakos 19, Xanthi 18, AEK 17, Panathinaikos 14, Aris 12, Panetolikos 12, Panionios 11, Lamia 10, Larissa 8, OFI 7, PAS Giannina 7, Asteras Tri. 5, Levadiakos 4, Apollon 1 (note: Panathinaikos has -6 points, AEK -3 b. And PAOK -2 b.).

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