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Until recently, the surroundings were known. Around the table, a group of friends, acquaintances or co-workers drank ouzo, ate a variety of starters, talked in a relaxed mood and often – clinked glasses with the most characteristic toast: to our health!

However, the coronavirus pandemic, preventive measures to reduce the spread of the virus, and closed health food stores across the country are now banning such meetings. This is how the idea of ​​Haris Vekris, an ouzo collector from Syros, was born, to start “setting up” an internet table via the webex platform, where lovers of traditional Greek liquor will be able to drink it from a distance.

“Stay safe at home, drink with friends!”, This is the news during the quarantine, as he explained to the collector Haris Vekris of the APE-MPE radio station “Agencja 104.9 FM” about the remote conversation of ouzophiles from all over the country and TSOUzoposies Online next Sunday, December 6 .


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According to Mr. Vekris, online discussions about ouzo will take place every Sunday at 1 p.m., a time when most people have an appetite, right before lunch, and will continue as long as the lock is in place. Ouzo friends who are interested in taking part and drinking ouzo together online can send a message to the website with their full name, city they live in and their email address where they will receive an invitation to the meeting online. drinking ouzo.

Harris Vekris

These online meetings will be attended every week by a guest of honor from another distillery in the country, to whom questions and inquiries from ouzo friends will be attended, in addition to lovers of the traditional drink.

“Ouzo is not drunk alone. It is not like other European drinks. He wants company and that’s why we started online meetings so we could drink and chat for about an hour. “Ouzo and taverns do not exist during this period due to the coronavirus, as we used to be on Sundays, so we will say it from afar,” added the Syrian collector.

Pickup in person of Mr. Vekris

Mr. Vekris started a personal ouzo collection a few years ago and continues to enrich it. This period has reached 800 marks from over 200 small and large distilleries in Greece and Cyprus. Then he proceeded to create the website (which can also be read as tsou.grise) so that everyone could know the history of ouzo, but also to order from every corner of the globe, from manufacturing companies, label his tastes.


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