"They leave me without a job and a child"


H performance will be canceled due to production discord with the actors of the series

Yesterday it was announced that the "Liked Likelige" program, which was to appear in Pallas next month, will be finally canceled due to disagreement with the actors of the series. Today, in the light of the advertisement, more details were given about the reasons that led to the cancellation of the exhibition. The main culprit is Markos Seferlis.

At the show, Feis Skordas, Katerina Gangaki, who participated in the production of the series, confirmed this news and thoroughly explained the points in which he disagreed with Mark Seferlises. Then Vaso Gulelmaki went to the telephone line. The actress who took part in the show said she did not care what brought that decision, but the fact that she and her colleagues were out of work while she refused so many months and a few proposals to take part in another game.

"There was not a press release but a message saying that the singing had been canceled, we do not know Mr. Seferli, we did not talk, I had only communication with production, it's very strict, I heard what Mrs Gagakis said and what the production told me on the phone But I have to say that it does not concern me, why it happened … In terms of work for seven months … I have seven proposals for seven months .The last sentence was on Friday. They did not see me playing somewhere and said, "Did Do you want to play in the series? "Is the series" Seven women accused "- so I do not think he is lying – and I said, thank you, but in 20 days I start my attempts to be in the series" Liked Liker. "You understand what shock has met me and others but at the moment I am talking about myself.

They leave Christmas, a month before Christmas, without work and one child. It does not matter to me at all if one or the other is guilty. I'm worried about a decision someone can leave without a job. I am consistent for 31 years with 40 fever, with my own loss, and you will not miss one day. It did not shut the day theater because of me because I thought about them all. That's what I said, "he said.

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