This is the performer of Yannis Makris: Cast-frame his movements


A young man, an exceptionally fit, cold artist who does not hesitate to shoot again and again and give a free kick. This is the profile of the murderer Yannis Makris in Voula, which is now visible from the high definition camera that registered the murder.

The cold artist wore black jeans, sports jackets and black pants. The actor used a pistol with a silencer, because none of the participants heard shots, so the photo shows.

He also seems to know from cages that there are cameras at certain points and he does not look at them, he hides his face. It is also obvious that he woke up, waited for Makris to leave the house to kill him. Slayers, because it was probably a support group, they mapped the area, they knew how to get out, where to wait for the car or machine that received the contractor.

Authorities carefully check the video and collect as much information about the murderer's profile as possible. The first evidence shows that they are professional performers who carefully observed the victim. This is one of the occasions when some people hire a killer who either goes abroad or hides for a while until the situation is calm.

The professional hit also shows the used silencer, while in similar cases the perpetrators chose a Kalashnikov who made a lot of noise. The "silent" weapon is reasonable in a closed, stuck place. They wanted to kill him and leave without stopping anyone who heard the shots.

Choosing the point of attack looks like a hit in the night people, which most often happens in the car, although in this case the killer chose a quiet place away from the busy streets.

The murder scene lasted only five seconds. The killer throws the first shots from the side of the co-driver, and the 46-year-old tries to get out of his black little car. Indeed, the camera captures the glow from the first shots.

Makris tries to ask for help, but the killer changes direction and before Yiannis Makris takes two or three steps, he shoots him again from a very short distance.

The killer is watching if the victim is dead and running away.

The 46-year-old was dead on the street with one key in the car and the other in the cell.
This material is in the hands of police officers who look at him, cages.

The tragic irony was that when they reached the point of being killed, the 46-year-old mafia police officers were constantly struck when his companions waited for him during the inauguration of his new company.


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