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To be won with 40,000 plus 11 anti-Simoes – M. Navrozidis

"Everyone's forecast makes me frustrated! I know and I can say that we will do everything to win the championship and I sincerely believe that we have all the potential to win it.Teddy Effect Marco Livaya on 27/9.

However, the words are far from practical. AEK welcomes the PAOK champion on Sunday (September 29), and good or bad, to prove that he can stay on the title track, must beat the team that has suffered some damage in recent years, especially in the Cup final. A possible victory against black and white changes all the momentum. Why

Since Kostenoglu took control, it is clear that AEK plays it all in its games with psychology at the top. It will be so on Sunday evening. If it comes out, there will be time to laugh. And the 8th will go to Karaiskakis for another proof match. By defeating PAOK, Coste and his players will sign what they believe. Claiming the championships to an equal degree and period of Cardoso was not a bad grip, but a gift from God who woke them up at the right time.


And because AEK without Zanax, it was not AEK who got injured by Andre Simoes. Captain Union is currently the best player in the team, just like Livaya. His lack is great. The Portuguese swallows endless kilometers, raises middle assistance and loves any of his partners to increase his efficiency.

This time everything shows that Krsticic will be an experienced center and Galanopoulos at his side. This match is an opportunity, especially for "Heaven". Great to prove that he is no longer a child, but another leader, an ideal anti-Simo who knows all too well what it means that AEK beat PAOK in front of 40,000 fans, who will be next 50,000 because they believe in 100 % team.


18 months without winning the derby and all three PAOK losers are no small feat. Just a few weeks ago, AEK fans left the horseshoe and went to sue players. That night after playing with Xanthi or breaking this season or change. Dimitris Melissanidis banished those he considered responsible for the division, brought Kostenoglou, and the players' thoughts changed and since then the team only counted winnings.

We have reached the point where everything seemed lost so that the world could be mobilized in a terrible way. Travel abroad and 40,000 to wait days for the PAOK derby. And the fans will play football tomorrow. This is the time when AEK looks more united than the black years of decline and struggle for a great return.

Competitors tomorrow must prove their love for AEK in practice. By voices, not incidents, that have occurred in the past and caused harm to the band. The rules may have changed, but it doesn't mean anything. To achieve what they think, players want people, not just PAOK and Olympiacos. They want support inside, outside, in … space. Wherever they play.

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