Monday , November 30 2020

PARKnSHOP’s 32 millionth lucky draw will be announced today and citizens will receive SMS alerts – Hong Kong Apple Daily

  1. The drawing results of the 32 million PARKnSHOP prizes will be announced today and citizens will receive SMS notificationsHong Kong Apple Daily
  2. The method of announcing the top 100 lucky draw results, deadline and 1 minute of scanningHong Kong 01
  3. [Nagradzam cię szczerze]The results of the Top 100 Lucky Draws will be announced today. Winning Instructions + Receipt Method + Prize List-Sky Post-Family-Hot TalkSky Post
  4. The results of the lucky PARKnSHOP draw will be announced today. Post to see how to claim your award and how to get your goods – Hong Kong News – Real-time News – Daily HeadlinesHeadline Daily
  5. [Top 100 Lucky Draw]The results of the top 100 lucky draws will be announced today for you to know the results and how to receive the prizes – Hong Kong Economic Times – TOPick – Leisure ConsumptionHong Kong Economic Times-TOPick
  6. See the full report on Google News

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