Monday , November 30 2020

Rockets executives believe Beard is the strongest player in the league as long as it can fight for the championship every year and never trade | NBA | DONGTW Sports

NBA reporter Tim MacMahon revealed in a podcast that the Rockets will make good use of Beard’s peak period and won’t sell it.

“I can now say that the Rockets are committed to making good use of their beard peak over the past few years. They think he is the best player in the league. There is no doubt that he was a long-time candidate for the MVP. Beard is playing at this level, as long as he is willing to stay on the team, the Rockets will work hard to fight for the championship. Tim MacMahon said.

Tim MacMahon continued: “I think it’s very likely that we will have to watch this season after season. If I had to predict this, I’d say the future would probably be determined by Beard, not Rocket. In other words, if Broda wants to compete with others. In the case of a superstar partner, it is likely that he will have to ask to leave (the rockets exchange the beard). I believe it won’t happen right away. Beard tried to work with Howard and CP3 before, now he works with Xihe, It’s all for a chance to win the championship. “

When will Harden ask to leave? Next off season? Is it next off season? Let’s have a look. Of course, a lot depends on the results of the Rockets in the next or two seasons. Tim MacMahon said.

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