Friday , December 4 2020

Zhang Jingxuan’s Chaochao Zhai Food Pack and Porridge Cut Off Power To Seal Employee’s Sister As A KOL In The Breakfast Industry – Apple Daily

  1. Zhang Jingxuan’s Chaochao Zhai Food Pack and porridge cut off the power to seal the worker sister as KOLHong Kong Apple Daily
  2. Xuanzai substitute workers don’t have good food, explodes Guan Zhibin: He really likes East Net
  3. [Siostra pracownika zostaje KOL w świecie śniadań]All bags are bagged! Zhang Jingxuan was shocked to see -20201028-SHOWBIZMing Pao OL network
  4. Guan Zhibin laughed at the fact that he is fat enough that he recommends himself as a guest of the Zhang Jingxuan concertHong Kong Apple Daily
  5. [Kelly Online]Zhang Jingxuan Showcases the “Excellent” Culinary Skills of His Foreign Country Assistant and Becomes “KOL for Breakfast” – Hong Kong News – Real Time News – Headline DailyHeadline Daily
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