A healthy cause of an accident on M3 on Gdll


From the 32nd kilometer, a tragic truck broke down.

Frissts: A long-haul dug is always more than a mile long, and your journey may be longer.

truck and car packed on Tuesday morning on Tuesday at M3 in Budapest at the 32nd kilometer. This man died on the spot.

Forrs: MTI / Mihdk Zoltn

According to Origo, taxis were loaded with water, and an ordinary taxi driver threw the autopilot to a place where there was no water. It was a quick change, and thieves stopped the car at the time of the accident. we know

they bled the car and died.

A group of bastards was pulled out of the section.

Forrs: Origo

During the mentor's work, the Budapest section of the Budapest-led site was flown.

According to the Police.com portalthe traffic from the baggage is leaning to the third floor. Autsok can return to the downward exit.


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