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Bayern Munich coach will never be a Bayern coach


Bayern Munich was the first of the entire BL field to finish in the top 16 on Wednesday evening. On the German bench, instead of firing Niko Kovac, there was a man who was a fireman and a soldier, but he would never have been a coach of the Bavarian team.

During the draw of the European Championship Austria-Germany in 2008, two federal captains fought together. The referee sent them both off the bench, but when the Austrian national team said goodbye to this match, only Germany was seriously affected.

Forbidden Joachim Löw, who could not sit on the bench in the match against the PortugueseSource: DPA / AFP / worldwide use, Verwendung weltweit / Peter Kneffel

Federal captain Joachim Löw was blocked in the match and could not control his team in the quarterfinals against Portugal. According to the public opinion, National11 would not have great chances in the clash with secret chances, including Deco, Pepve, Ronaldo. And the company that lost the captain was buried by everyone. UEFA organized a rare circus around the forbidden captain. His every move was analyzed under a magnifying glass, with a slight exaggeration that accompanied the toilet to avoid accidental impact on the match. But in his absence his deputy led a wonderful match and knocked out the team with a chance for final victory. In this match, Germany was led by a Hans-Dieter Flick instead of Löw.

Hans-Dieter Flick was right to celebrate the 2008 European Championship by defeating Germany in PortugalSource: DPA / AFP / worldwide use, Verwendung weltweit / Peter Kneffel

A professional who first made it to the top 16 in the Champions League on Wednesday. Bayern has done a great job with Munich without team management since this meeting 11 years ago. And even four days before the meeting with Olympiacos, he did not think that he had to be crowned the record BL in Germany. But life again gave the eternal second violin the opportunity to play great.

But who knows how long Hansi Flick can play this star?

Because Bayern is looking for a coach to replace Niko Kovac, who was released on Sunday. Of course, the surprise of the former master is not the fact that he left earlier, but that it could last more than a year and a half. Bayern rarely employs a trainer with as little routine as Croatian. But when he arrived, there were not many good candidates for this position. So if Kovac is not a horse, it will be good for the donkey to prove his adverb on the bench of Record Champions.

He trains Hans-Dieter FlickSource: Picture-Alliance / AFP / Verwendung weltweit / Frankhoermann / Sven Simon

Where some tried to eat it quickly. But of the players who still drilled Kovac, neither Robben nor Ribery nor Hummels remained with the club. This year, maybe the company has a better spirit. It is certainly not better in terms of gameplay, but it is not necessarily Kovac's crime. It is certain that the band will not be able to perform in top form from August to May. In fact, anyone who wants to collect two more titles outside the championship will have to turn 100% from March. And if you can get rid of magic like the seven goals scored in the Tottenham BL final this fall, your fans can't complain. Of course, they may be dissatisfied with the foul on Frankfurt 5, but in this match the team played in a worse situation over 80 minutes, explaining a humiliating defeat. However, the Neuer captain declared the performance inadmissible, but if a large team changes coach after each bad match, they will have 6-7 coaches per season.

So despite the 1-5 in Frankfurt, changing coaches is a surprise because there is still no champion at Bayern level on the market. And anyone will not work on Sabenerstrasser. Fifth Heynckes will not come, Mourinho is unbelievable there, and Erik ten Hag has a live contract with Ajax. maybe Arsene Wenger will be the winner who will be able to understand the majority of the team because he is fluent in German in addition to native French. And in the locker room in Munich there are currently these two, and the official language is Spanish. Thanks to this, you'll be closer to the band than Ancelotti. But Wenger is far from the Italian scoreboard. And Ancelotti left just like Kovach, after his first championship title of the next season.

Hans-Dieter Flick (left), Niko Kovac (in the middle) and Olaf Thon celebrate Bayern 1990Source: Picture-Alliance / AFP / Verwendung weltweit / Sven Simon

Whoever becomes the new Bayern coach is not an easy task. This was proved by the team at a meeting with Olympiacos, against a weak team. The Greek team produced unimaginable football on Wednesday evening, which was unworthy of the BL group. Bayern played, knowing he would win somehow. Has become. At the beginning Lewandowski scored, but from the tenth angle of the camera it resulted that we see (again) great movement. Bayern owes a lot to Poles in the form of bombs this year. The players behind him are no longer able to perform as steadily as he does. Gnabry has a world-class performance in London, scoring four goals, but you have to understand that the season is not a match, but 45-53. Coman will never be Ribery and it looks like Thomas Müller is also not old Thomas Müller. Coutinho is still acclimating, but the people responsible for defense cannot be taken seriously now because they are still wounded. Against the Greek team, an external observer believed that players with above-average international skills win the match routinely. This statement is unfair to Flick, but he knows it's not his band.

Hans Dieter Flick led Bayern Munich to the 16 best in a winning matchSource: Picture-Alliance / AFP / Verwendung weltweit / Frankhoermann / Sven Simon

However, if the coach brings the striker to 1-0, who after 15 seconds changes position from the first touch of the ball to 2-0 and decides about the match, then he talks about it for weeks in superlatives. Flick doesn't forget that. Like this quarter-final against Portugal. At the weekend, he will lead Bavaria to Bayern-Dortmund, the largest player in the 21st century Bundesliga, and is expected to retire. Just like he was a man in his career. However, he played in 148 Bundesliga matches, including 104 in Bayern. He was a beginner in the BEK final in 1987 – he won Porto in Vienna. Four-time Bundesliga champion. As a player. However, in the second half of the eighties Bayern Munich claims that 10-12 names are faster for a fan than his own. As the second coach he has gold and bronze medals of the World Championships, silver European Championships and bronze medals. Whatever Bayern wins this season will have to do with coach Hans-Dieter Flick.

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