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Grosjean’s first statement: I felt a death threat

Romain Grosjean was interviewed for the first time since his life-threatening accident in Bahrain. The French driver admitted he was afraid of dying in flames, reliving what happened as a rebirth, but he started at the ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to end his Formula 1 career.

After Sunday’s accident, Romain Grosjean of France was interviewed on Tuesday TF1 television company. As previously reported, the Haas Formula 1 rider hit the lane barrier at high speed during the first round of the Bahrain Grand Prix, tore it open, his car caught fire, but the pilot emerged from the wreckage with a large soul present and escaped with the help of the arriving ambulances. .

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Grosjean’s accident was reminiscent of the accident of the legendary Niki Lauda in 1976, the late three-time world champion suffered permanent burns and respiratory injuries when his car caught fire on the Nordschleife after the accident but was unable to get out on his own. Grosjean admitted that he also remembered Lauda’s story.

I don’t know if there is a miracle or if the word could be used but anyway I’d say my time is not over yet The French said TF1down. – I felt well over 28 seconds. The visor of my helmet turned completely orange, I could see the flames on the left side of the car. I thought about a lot of things, including Niki Laud, and it occurred to me that I couldn’t walk like this, not now. I can’t close my Formula 1 story like that.

“Then I thought about my children. I told myself I had to get out. I stretched my hand out into the flames, feeling my body burning hard. I got out and then I felt someone starting to pull on my wetsuit, so I knew I was out. ” File LCI According to his website, Grosjean also said he tried to get out of the cockpit three times, was able to unfasten the seat belt by himself, and the steering wheel “probably blew off” during the accident.

The brutal spectacle shook several F1 drivers and, of course, also shook Grosjean’s family. His wife praised her husband’s willpower and thanked those involved in the rescue operation. The contestant jokingly noted that the tying made his hands look like Mickey’s Mouse and betrayed his five-year-old son who said his father had “magic power” and a “magic shield of love” to protect him.

“These are very strong words from kids. My eldest son, Sacha, seven years old, is already more rational trying to understand. And the younger one drew “dad’s sore hands” – he recalls. “After all, I wasn’t afraid not of myself, but of my family and friends, of course also of my children, whom I am most proud of and to whom I devote the most energy.

The experienced pilot did not deny that he was also worn by the incidents, he also predicted that he would ask for medical help to process the experiences. “I think it will take a bit of psychology work because I saw a death threat. Even in Hollywood, they cannot do such a spectacle. It was the biggest accident I have ever seen. The car caught fire, exploded and the batteries caught fire, releasing a lot of energy after a crash. ”

Grosjean and his team principal Günther Steiner have also confirmed that the 34-year-old will compete again in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in the season finale next weekend. This is especially important to him as Haas had previously announced that his contract would not be renewed, so it could certainly be the last F1 Grand Prix of Grosjean’s career.

“I’d say I’m glad to be alive and see things differently, but I feel the need to sit in the car if I can in Abu Dhabi and finish my story in Formula 1. It was almost like a rebirth. Throughout my life, it leaves a mark forever that that day I got out of the flames. Many people expressed their love for me, it touched me a lot, from time to time tears came to my eyes. “

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