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Kna became the largest battlefield for electric cars


Volkswagen will increase its electric car factory to over 1 million units by 2022. It is our responsibility to ensure that you travel not only with Tesl, but also with great competition. And Kna may be the largest player on the global market.

Volkswagen (VW) is currently planning to introduce electric cars to new cars. 600,000 horsepower are planned to be produced on land. Reuters said that by doing so, VW is striving to achieve greater output growth than any other competitor.

By the way, Tesla mg is always trying to achieve the goal of 500,000 cars made in other countries. In addition, it seems that more and more traditional large car manufacturers may lead the way in the event of overloaded electric cars Said Max Warburton, an analyst at Bernstein Research.

Kna may be the most important battlefield for electric carsForrs: Imaginechina / Gao yuwen – Imaginechina / Gao Yuwen

VW is ahead of players such as BMW, Renault, General Motors or Tesla due to the Gyrts infrastructure, but nmet cg now hopes to increase efficiency by up to EUR 20,000 in electric cars. To this end, by 2022 VW will organize a total of eight countries on around the world, using the proprietary MEB platform to achieve success. Ultimately, the VW driver makes sure that the drive is the world's largest engine emitter.

And VW is financing the renovation, raising its SUV with an internal engine to 40 percent by 2020 to sell 23 percent in 2018. On the way VW plans to produce 22 million electric cars by 2028, of which 11.6 million will be sold in Kn.

However, Knai's expansion can be a major challenge that Tesla Mr has also experienced in cheese. Elon Musk cge said in 2016 that more than 500,000 Model 3 cars will be produced in the country in 2018 that have never been realized. To this end, Tesla buys 360-400,000 pieces of material. Currently, Tesla is counting on 500,000 broken planes within 12 months of June 30, 2020.

Tesla mg did not always interrupt Knban's clicks in 2016Forrs: Imaginechina / Shen chunchen – Imaginechina / Shen Chunchen

In summary, VW is beginning to spend $ 30 billion on building more cars by 2023. To increase emissions of electric cars, including in Nmetorsk, the Czech Republic and the United States.

By 2025, Volkswagen may be the world's largest electric car manufacturer, and Tesla will continue to offer a narrower range to consumers Said Patrick Hummel, UBS automotive market analyst.

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