Prim News – ABB is building the most modern robot factory in Shanghai in the world


The most important investment combines digital network technologies, technologically advanced collaborative robots and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence research to create the most modern, automated and flexible facility of the future.

  • The investment worth 150 million dollars will further strengthen ABB's leading position in the largest robot market in the world
  • An extensive research and development center founded in the factory accelerates the process of digital innovation and develops further in the field of artificial intelligence
  • The innovative design of the factory ensures that every square meter of the work area serves the purpose of production
  • The new investment will further increase the $ 2.4 billion that ABB has invested in China since 1992, the second largest market in the company

ABB, which develops and supplies innovative digital technologies, announced today that the investment worth 150 million dollars in Shanghai will build the most modern, automated and flexible robotic factory in the world, a modern center in which robots will produce robots. The new Kangqiao production center near the extensive Chinese robotics campus of ABB combines digital technologies related to the ABB network, including ABB Ability solutions, cutting-edge joint work and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence research to create the most modern and environmentally sustainable factory of the future. " The start of production is planned for the end of 2020.

The announcement on the one hand is a milestone in the life of the leading Chinese robot manufacturer in the life of ABB, and is also a critical increase in global growth for the arm on the largest robot market in the world. In 2017, one-third of robots sold all over the world came to China, which bought almost 138,000 robots. Today, ABB employs around 5,000 people in Shanghai, while robotic companies in China employ over 2,000 engineers, technologists and plant managers in 20 locations in China. ABB has invested over $ 2.4 billion in China since 1992, employing over 18,000 employees.

The local authorities of ABB and Shanghai have also signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement. The purpose of the agreement is to support industry, energy, transport and infrastructure in the region and to support the "Made in China" development initiative. The contract was signed by Ying Yong, mayor of Shanghai, ABB, by Ulrich Spiesshofer, president of ABB.

"China's commitment to the transformation of the manufacturing industry is exemplary for the whole world" Spiesshofer said. "The strategy of introducing the latest technologies based on artificial intelligence, advanced robotics and cloud computing is a model for every country that wants to build a global production base." Shanghai has become a key center for both ABB and other companies in the world that are striving to the leading technology in the field of advanced technologies Now that we have begun to develop the significant presence of ABB in China and move to the goal of more than two decades to develop Sanghayt as a leading robotics production center, we are looking forward to successful cooperation with Ying Yong, mayor of Shanghai, other prominent community leaders and our clients here. "

Strengthen the position of the market leader thanks to the future digital factory – tailored solutions and better performance

The new factory in Shanghai is equipped with a range of solutions for machine learning, digital solutions and cooperation. Thanks to these solutions, Shanghai will be the most advanced, automated and flexible factory in the robotics industry. Thanks to the research and development center located in the factory, you can accelerate innovation in the development of artificial intelligence. Thanks to the new global design method announced this year by ABB, the factory can significantly increase the number of locally produced robotic types and variants, which allows more reliable and faster personalization of robots to better meet customer requirements.

ABB's extensive range of robots will allow you to create an unlimited number of non-standard solutions. "The concept of designing a new factory is essentially the same as the advice given to our clients on a daily basis: invest in automation because it provides flexibility and efficiency regardless of where the market is going." – says Sami Atiya, head of the robotics and production automation department. "We are proud that ABB can help its customers in China and around the world in solutions based on the latest technologies, ensuring a high degree of customization, faster cycles and constant changes in the new normality, even in our own factories."

The entire factory in Shanghai is modeled as a digital twin that provides intuitively tailored dashboards for management, engineers, operators and maintenance specialists to provide the best choice. In this context, ABB Ability Connected Services enables the factory to collect and analyze information on the status and performance of ABB robots, enabling early identification of anomalies. To avoid costly downtime, ABB Ability offers advanced digital solutions that increase efficiency, reliability and energy consumption as well as access to the world's leading platforms, such as the Microsoft Azure corporate cloud, the first international public cloud service that is supported in China.

An innovative design that ensures better use of the production area

Thanks to the combined islands of automation, the new factory will have an innovative, flexible production area instead of stationary assembly lines. ABB logistics automation solutions are used throughout the plant, for example in vehicles with automatic control, which can independently track robots passing through the production stages and deliver components from localized stations. Automation solutions enable manufacturers to adapt to the changes taking place in the Chinese robotics market without additional capacity increase.

For Vegard Nerseth, ABB & # 39; s Robotics Business Manager, he said: "A significant change has been made compared to the fact that the size of the factory and the size of investment was considered adequate to meet future needs." When designing our new factory, we have taken on the concept of creating the most spacious and resistant to every square meter of production space. automation and excellent capabilities of our employees. "

The transition to high personalization and the highest level of productivity and flexibility is ensured through the extensive use of ABB SafeMove2 software. SafeMove2 software allows people and robots to work safely at close range. It is worth mentioning ABB YuMi robots here. These robots allow close cooperation in the assembly of many small robots.

ABB has entered the Chinese robot market earlier. ABB, the first global robot supplier in China, has a full range of local value chains, including R & D, systems integration and services. Thanks to close cooperation with clients, ABB was the first to be able to present its products in local production on several fronts. Such as the first Chinese line for stamping, welding and painting cars, the first line of equipment used in the production of mobile phones and press used in the production of household appliances.

"We celebrate the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening in 2018." "Said Dr. Chunyuan Gu, head of ABB in China and chairman of the AMEA region. "ABB is one of the first to come to China, thanks to which we already have a local value chain, supported by China's excellent economic and social development." As the leader in the Chinese robotics industry, we are pleased that we can build our success and keep up the pace of our investments. "

The new Shanghai plant, with a research and development center with an extensive research portfolio, will become an integral part of ABB's global delivery / delivery system, an important link between the recently restored Västerås town in Västerås and the mill in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The latter factory also underlines the fact that ABB counts on the only global robot supplier that has its factory in the USA.


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