Prim News – Telekom adds additional mobile phones to the world of digital opportunities for its prepaid customers


On November 15, Telekom will provide each client with a single 4 GB of data, which can be used within six months. The offer is in line with the Telekom brand it designated this year, combining everyone with today's digital capabilities and an active role in the digitization of Hungary.

The company is convinced that thanks to its drive to attract more customers to the Internet, they started using the Internet, and even more opportunities for their customers using the mobile Internet. About 1.7 million customers can use promotional data.

In the case of prepaid customers, 4 GB one-off data will be automatically available on November 15, and customers will be activated via text messages via SMS.

Telekom announced its new, ambitious brand in February 2018. Using a set of digital tools, you want to inspire everyone to use the wired and world-class cellular network and the innovative technology that the company has to offer, with the highest quality standards to help you and your environment and environment.

In our society there is a large number of people whose digital resources and surfaces are natural parts of the world who are intelligent in using technology, naturally reach for their cell phones or laptops if they want something quickly, easily and deliberately. Those who already live their lives digitize for their development. They are now called the Telekom Generation. Now Generation is an attitude, a kind of attitude, so it is everyone who is independent of age, lives with an open attitude, which is curious about new and gets into a new one. Telekom invites everyone to be an active member of the Generation Now.

"We are striving to change attitudes in Hungarian society, because digitization requires a new approach and new skills for each of us." The digitization tool serves the individual's development only when it is accompanied by the kind of openness, courage and attitude of the actor. With the right attitude, using the tools of the digital world, we can get access to everything, change everything. " – Attila Béla Szabó, head of brand communication and housing communication in the new Telekom campaign, launched at the beginning of November.


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