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Shoes on your favorite country compact – Kia XCeed Showcase

This year's low-middle leader in Hungary has been supplemented with a good-looking crossover and there is no mention of merely sticking plastic inserts to the existing five-door body: the body has undergone a major renovation. Kia XCeed provides exactly what it shows: cool and quality at a good price – from $ 5.99 million. However, do not accidentally look for four-wheel drive.

At an unusual press conference, they presented the latest Kia Hungary favorite, Ceed, according to them, an SUV, but in fact a crossover transcription. The company introduced XCeed, a leader in the segment of compact TV adaptations for live TV commercials for this model (Ceed was the most popular compact car in Hungary from January to August this year).

Not only the radiator grille and bumper, but also the design of the LED headlights is new. Click on the photo to the gallery!Source: Kia Motors

During the fun campaign, serious data was entered that somehow always led the audience behind their noses. Of course, some good-looking car journalists missed Suzuki Vitara and Dacia Duster figures in colorful, smelly statistics, but, if you look at routes from low to medium cities only available as front-wheel drive, this is a little trick.

Basically, only the front door is the same as the five-door basic Ceed, the total length increased to 4.4 metersSource: Kia Motors

Not only plastics are different, but also sheets

For $ 5.99 million, XCeed represents the proportion of more cars, less off-road vehicles, as expected by the consumer society that wants cool accessories. Fleet exposed at the premiere VW Golf, Ford Focus and Opel Astra are selling above the base model this year. Although XCeed, which in many important points differs significantly from Ceed, may be an exaggeration (although an attempt was made) to compete with VW TRoc and its counterparts, there is no doubt as to the legality of the X prefix.

Kia Hungary expects to sell 600 XCeeds per year with the goal of selling 2,500 standard versions. A plug-in hybrid will appear next yearSource: Kia Motors

The compact crossover with a length of 4395 mm, width of 1826 mm and height of 1495 mm can be clearly distinguished by the naked eye from the rest of the series. Exactly 85 mm longer, 26 mm wider and 48 feet taller than the standard five-door hatchback, the wheelbase is 2650 mm, and the trunk is 60 liters to 426 liters.

The loading edge is a bit high, but the trunk can be significantly extended. When folded, 283 liters (1378 liters) more than the base modelSource: Kia Motors

Discreet cutting of discs and increased ground clearance by 32-44 mm and higher roof line by 48 mm with effective offroad elements (plastic and metal treads, diffusers, double exhausts) for many it will be addictive, especially in the boring world of bumpers with colors. The Korean manufacturer not only expands its compact offer beyond the usual body styles, but also the Proceed coupé wagon.

Depending on the engine, two imitations of the exhaust pipe can decorate the rearSource: Kia Motors

In addition to the X motifs, the digital dashboard is new

Looking at the other details, it seems that the designers made a thick note during the brainstorming at first. Everything is as muscular as sending a solid Ceed to some bodybuilding program. Approaching sophisticated muscle tones, we can find additional curiosities: from X controls, through striking tissue patterns, to specific, purposeful decorations, this model gives more money.

First introduced to the Ceed family, the 12.3-inch digital instrumentation with variable-dynamic graphicsSource: Kia Motors

Of course, you can't forget about the beautiful 18-inch "Stinger" rims and the choice of bolder shades. Of course, his engine, chassis and other technical solutions came from smooth Ceed, but there are some innovations, the most important of which is the 12.3-inch digital dashboard (at an additional cost). Features include a 10.25-inch tablet with a center console, storage space for the driver profile, remote-activated mirror connection and plenty of active assistants, and of course a 7-year warranty.

Partly because of carbon emissions, 1.6 diesel will be part of the supply, but hybrids will be available next yearSource: Kia Motors

With five engines, but only with 4×2 drive

1.0 TGDi (120 hp / 172 Nm) with three cylinders and turbo starts from the already mentioned 6 million base price. From now on, the client can flirt with two different four-cylinder gasolines, mobilizing 1.4 at 140 and 1.6 at 204 horsepower. There are also two 1.6 CRDi diesel engines to choose from (115 or 136 horsepower), and the plug-in hybrid powertrain will soon be available with the traditional Combi Ceed.

This design, born in Frankfurt, has a lower seating position than traditional SUVsSource: Kia Motors

Wherever you get close to XCeed, it's definitely a bargain. Thanks to parallel motorization you give a bonus for around USD 200, and not available with all-wheel drive, but it is in the right place and time between the switches. Of course, how well it works in everyday life, and then the test will draw an accurate picture.

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