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After Instagram, Facebook is now testing to hide "likes" on the platform: Report- Technology News, Firstpost

Facebook said on Friday that it had started hiding the number of "likes" for jobs in Australia, an attempt to alleviate social pressure that can be introduced worldwide.

Account owners across the country will also be blocked from showing the number of responses and video views on other people's posts since Friday, but they will still be able to see how people react to their own.

"We don't want Facebook to feel like competition," the company said in a statement.

"It's a test to see how people are using this new format." "We hope to draw conclusions from this to see if we can implement it more broadly." More than a billion people use Facebook worldwide, but the social media giant has come under pressure to fight the platform's impact on mental health.

After Instagram, Facebook is now testing how to hide likes on the platform: Report

Apparently Facebook is working on removing the number of likes to improve the well-being of users.

According to Australian Commissioner for Safety in Australia, one in five children report cyber bullying.

The problem caught its attention last year when a 14-year-old girl – who appeared in commercials for the iconic Australian hat brand – killed herself after intimidation on the Internet.

Facebook's decision comes after an attempt was made in July to hide "likes" on the company's other main social platform, Instagram.

What started as an Instagram test in Canada has been extended to Australia, Brazil and several other major markets.

The trial version on Facebook has been described as "limited test so that we can get early applications".

"While tested on Instagram, Facebook and (Instagram) are different surfaces and we will probably see different data from this test." The social media giant has not confirmed how long the trial will take.

"We want to understand from people whether removing the total number improves their experience while not limiting any positive interactions," said Mia Garlick from Facebook Australia.

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