Saturday , May 8 2021

Exclusive! Watch the first video of Rahul Roy smiling and waving as he recovers from a recent stroke | Hindi Movie News

Rahul Roy, who suffered a stroke last week that left him admitted to the Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai, is recovering. This morning he walked out of his room into the hospital’s main garden outside. Rahul was doing his physiological exercises in the garden itself.

He also sometimes claims that Rahul also spoke on the phone. This morning he spoke to a family friend, producer Ashwani Kumar in Delhi for a full minute.

After contacting a few minutes ago, Ashwani Kumar confirmed the above changes, adding: “Rahul has started eating too: he is on a light diet at first. There is still a small clot that will be dissolved with the diluents. Obviously the whole process will take some time, but so far fine.

Plus, there are too many reports of swimming since yesterday that stenting (surgery) will be required, but that’s not true. Currently, stenting is not required. I am also in touch with a leading neurosurgeon in Calcutta, and even he said Rahul was showing ominous signs of recovery. “A few days ago, speaking to ETimes, Romeer Sen also released stenting.

Today Romeer said: “I am pleased with Rahul’s progress. He should be back with his fans soon.

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