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Royal Enfield Sale November 2020

Royal Enfield Meteor Sales for November 2020
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Royal Enfield announces an increase in domestic sales and exports in November 2020

Royal Enfield had eventful November 2020. Domestic sales and exports are green this month. The increase in domestic sales was 1.36%, which means an increase by 59,084 units from 58,292 units. Exports more than doubled to 4,698 units, from 2,119 to 122 percent. Cumulative sales (decrease plus exports) amounted to 63,782 units, 6 percent more than 60,411 units.

In total sales, motorcycles from the 350cc segment recorded 57,418 units, an increase of 2.16% y / y, compared to 56,204 units. From the beginning of the year, sales totaled 3.07,203 units, down 28 percent compared to 4.25,246 units in 2019.

Total sales of models in excess of 350cc are 6,364 units, an increase of 51 percent from 4,207 units. This segment includes the Himalayas and 650 twins. Sales in the FY21 YTD segment fell 46 percent to 31,258 units, down from 57,427 units. From the start of fiscal 21, total sales fell 30 percent to 3.38,461 units from 4.82,673 units. During this period, exports dropped to 20,174 units, down 32 percent from 29,621 units.

Royal Enfield is exporting

Royal Enfield has clearly stated its intention to increase exports as medium-sized segment (250-750 cm3) leader. Last month’s exports accounted for 7.37% of total sales. 90% of domestic sales are generated by the 350 cm3 segment.

Royal Enfield Sale November 2020
Royal Enfield Sales in November 2020 compared with November 2019 (y / y) compared with October 2020 (m / m)

Royal Enfield Sales m / m in October 2020

Sales in October 2020 were also positive. After the peaks, sales m / m in November 2020 reached several red lines. Sales of 350cc m / m are 5.04 percent, compared with 60,467 units. The drop above 350cc was much more restrained at less than a percent and the loss in volume was just 62 units, up from 6,426 units. Total domestic sales were down 6 percent from 62,858 units. Exports increased by 16.49 percent, compared to 4,033 units with a volume increase of 665 units. The overall m / m drop in sales was 4.65 percent, compared with 66,891 units sold in October ’20.

In the case of RE, the 350 cm3 segment is its backbone. And while newer third-party bikes are now available in the segment, there is still a long way to go before any of them will be a serious competitor to the Royal Enfield offering.

Recent updates

The all-new Royal Enfield Meteor 350 recently launched. The long-awaited cruiser not only strengthens the product portfolio in the 350cc segment, but is essential as it replaces the Thunderbird 350. Meteor 350 is available in 3 versions – Fireball, Stellar and Supernova. Owners can choose from a range of 8 colors from the Make It Yours (MiY) platform.

Its features include turn-by-turn Royal Enfield Tripper navigation device for real-time directions developed using the Google Maps Platform. For now, the newest product is available from Rs 1.75 817.

The best seller Royal Enfield Classic 350 is now available in two new shades – Metallo Silver and Orange Ember. Available with alloy rims and tubeless tires for better handling. Classic 350 is now available in MiY Initiativewhich means that personalization of the bike at the time of purchase is now a standard convenience.

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