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Scream of PM Narendra Modi at NCP Sharada Pawar and BJD amid the turmoil of Maharashtra

New Delhi:

The call of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the Sharad Pawar Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) in parliament while the party is involved in overall efforts to form a coalition outside the BJP to take power in Maharashtra, wrote many comments on Monday. Prime Minister Modi spoke during a special discussion on the 250th session of Rajya Sabha or the upper house of parliament.

"Today I want to appreciate two parties, NCP and BJD (Biju Janata Dal with Naveen Patnaik)," said the prime minister, opening the discussion.

"These parties had great compliance with parliamentary norms. They never went to the well (to protest). However, they very effectively presented their comments. Every political party, including my party, should learn from them, "Modi said.

The Prime Minister talked about the hurried members rush to the center of the house and shouting slogans during protests at home.

Praise for the NCP stands out at the same time when Sharad Pawar is a key player in the attempts to unbelieve the incredible alliances on Maharashtra, between Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress. And especially when Shiv Sena, the BJP's oldest ally, today officially sat on the opposition benches after they abandoned power in Maharashtra.

Prime Minister Modi's BJP gave up the race to form a government after longtime partner Shiv Sen refused to continue the alliance without guaranteeing equal partnership, including a rotating chief ministry.

Shiv Sena, who won 56 seats in the Maharashtra assembly with 288 members, immediately withdrew his only minister from the government of Prime Minister Modi and began talks with the NCP and Congress. All three have 154 seats, nine more than most.

Sena almost made a claim for power last Monday, when instead she was forced to ask the governor for more time after the NCP stopped her support. Congress said it needs more discussion.

Many of the NCP believe Sharad Pawar is under pressure from the center to delay the alliance. Top KPK leaders such as Ajit Pawar and Praful Patel have been posted on matters related to the Law Enforcement Directorate.

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