Sunday , August 1 2021

Valorant to increase penalties for AFK and Griefers in the next 1.13 update

Playing Valorant can often be frustrating when you meet other players who are intentionally throwing matches for their own entertainment. However, this kind of behavior may be nearing an end as Riot Games reveals its plans to fight the growing number of AFK, throwers, mourners, and Smurfs in the game in the latest Ask Valorant blog post posted today.

To start with, to reduce the number of players using AFK in-game, Valorant is changing the Ranked restrictions from 20 matches to 10 wins starting next patch.

“We hope this will force the players who are only spamming matches to actually play the game and strive to win,” said producer Sara Dadafshar.

Riot also says it is working on “better detection of this type of behavior that will lead to more severe penalties.”

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Riot’s list of penalties for AFK, mourners, or Smurfs includes “rank penalties, experience limitations, longer queue time limitations, and even bans if that happens.”

Dadafshar continued: “We want to distinguish disruptive behaviors that result from communication and gameplay and then punish accordingly. I can’t reveal our secrets about our detection plans, but know that we are actively working on ways to make the game more enjoyable in this regard!

Riot also mentioned that they can start planning work on a system that will allow players to block mourners so they don’t get queued with them.

“There are a few nuances we would have to work through to ensure that queuing times don’t get significantly longer, but we understand how frustrating it is to run into someone you just reported in the previous game,” said Dadafshar.

Valorant Update 1.13 Release date:

The VALORANT 1.13 update is expected to arrive on December 8.

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