AirAsia Plane Bali – Singapore Route Returns to Ngurah Rai airport after a flight of 30 minutes


Air Asia Plane Bali – Singapore Route Returns to Ngurah Rai airport after a 30-minute flight

TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – the flight number of the AirAsia QZ504 aircraft with the Denpasar-Singapore route, if the pilot requests a return to the original airport or return to Sunday (RTB) on Sunday (11/04/2018) due to technical problems.

"AirAsia confirms that the QZ504 flight to Singapore from Denpasar must return to Ngurah Rai International Airport shortly after the start due to problems with the cabin pressure," said AirAsia Management, who refused to register.

The management added that passengers were driven to Singapore using replacement aircraft to limit the effects of delays and inconvenience.

"AirAsia apologizes for the inconvenience," AirAsia Management said.

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In the meantime, Herson, who manages the airport in Bali Nusra IV, Herson confirmed the existence of the AirAsia airplane, which was RTB.

"We received the report and carried it out in accordance with the procedure.After fixing the aircraft to the left to Singapore, the repairs are quick and easy" – he explained.

If AirAsia QZ504 uses an aircraft with registration number PK-AZA type Airbus A320-214 having TAGG Livery, the serial number is 5165 and the age of the aircraft is about 5 years.

Then the substitute plane uses the registration number PK-AXX Airbus A320-216 with the serial number 5215, and the aircraft's age is about 6 years.

As previously reported, the AirAsia aircraft with flight number QZ-504 registration number PK-AZA Denpasar to Singapore today had to return to the original airport, namely I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport after airing for about 30 minutes.


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