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As JCI weakened, those 10 stocks jumped above 10 percent on December 4, 2020, JAKARTA – A number of stocks saw prices rise more than 20 percent on Friday (4/12/2020), although the Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) closed.

Based on data from the Indonesian Stock Exchange, PT Pool Advista Finance Tbk. (POLA) was the leader among the companies that grew the most (the most profitable) with a jump of 34.67 percent to Rp 101 per share.

In yesterday’s listing, on Thursday (3/12), POLA shares were also listed top gainer after the close, it rose 33.93 percent to IDR 75 per share.

The shares of POLA were followed by the shares of PT Golden Eagle Energy Tbk. (SMMT) jumped 34.44 percent to IDR121 per share, followed by PT Island Concepts Indonesia Tbk (ICON), which rose 33.33 percent to IDR729 per share.

Meanwhile, many other companies are in the top ten the most profitable saw an increase of over 20 percent, including PT Alfa Energi Investama Tbk (FIRE), PT Itama Ranoraya Tbk (IRRA) and PT Bank Jago Tbk (ARTO).

On the other hand, JCI closed 22.42 points at the end of the first session, that is 0.38 percent, to 5800.53 points. During the trade, JCI was still in the red zone with a move range from 5,775.57 to 5,823.32.

The performance in the first session also eliminated the three-day rally. It’s worth noting that JCI has strengthened in the last three sessions. On Tuesday (12/1) JCI gained 2 percent to 5,724.74. A day later (2/12), the index also increased by 1.56 percent. Up to 5,813.98 entries. Yesterday (3/12) the index gained 0.15%. Up to 5822.94 items.

Overall, 169 companies rose, 243 fell, and 177 companies were stagnant compared to yesterday’s position. Big company stocks weigh on the index.

Here is a list of 10 actions the most profitable today, Friday (04/12/2020).

Top 10 Stocks Growing December 4, 2020
Bar code Yesterday’s closing price Closing price today Change
FLAP 75 101 34.67
SMMT 90 121 34.44
ICON 54 72 33.33
FIRE 820 1.025 25.00
IRRA 925 1.155 24.86
PCAR 390 486 24.62
CASS 222 276 24.32
ARTO 3,300 4,050 22.73
FIT 58 70 20.69
MEMBERS 145 174 20.00

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