Thursday , January 28 2021

Bagus Kahfi explains Barito Puter’s apology

BOLASPORT.COM – Bagus Kahfi provided an explanation for the failure to anchor FC Utrecht against Barito Putera.

According to Bagus Kahfi, Barito Puter was innocent because he didn’t want to let him go to the Dutch club.

All of this happened after Bagus Kahfi wrote the caption disappointed as Barito Putera did not release it to FC Utrecht until the date came on Friday (11/27/2020).

Many Indonesians are disappointed with the attitude of Barito Puter in not allowing Bagus Kahfi to go abroad.

Of course, Barito Putera has strong reasons as to why he is reluctant to let the curly player into FC Utrecht.

The reason is that FC Utrecht is reluctant to withdraw money for the transfer as Bagus Kahfi still has a contract until the end of 2021 with Barito Putera.

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Barito Putera tries to be professional because in reality Bagus Kahfi is still his.

Garuda Select’s technical director Dennis Wise also commented on Bagus Kahfi’s failure at FC Utrecht.

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