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The Honda high-performance scooter not only has a gasoline-engine version and a hybrid engine, but it also has an electric version. PT Astra Honda Motor at the IMOS 2018 was presented by PCX Electric. Electric PCX is equipped with the Honda Mobile Power Pack, presented as a survey to find out the market reaction to this motorcycle.

Marketing Director of PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) Thomas Wijaya explained that currently PCX Electric is a concept, because Honda is currently in the development phase of this motorcycle. "PCX Electric is still in the concept, we are in the process of finalizing the product," said Thomas at the IMOS event in Jakarta. Thomas hopes that consumers who are enthusiastic about PCX Electric will be waiting patiently until the end of the final process.

Especially since the electric motor must comply with government regulations, therefore PT AHM must wait for development to bring this motorcycle to market. Government regulations that must be known to electric motors are electrical charging infrastructure, the level of safety of electric motors, because this motorcycle hardly makes noise, which prevents other drivers or pedestrians.

Other regulations that must be known relate to the cost of raw materials and waste treatment that must be recycled. Damaged and unused batteries must rethink the recycling method in order not to pollute the environment. PCX Electric was the first to participate in this year's Tokyo Motor Show.

In drives in the form of electric motors and batteries, PCX Electric has a length of 1,923 mm with a width of 745 mm and a height of 107 mm.

This motorcycle battery is located below the driver's seat, which is usually used to move a helmet or fuel spot. The electric motor can produce 0.98 kW of power. Thanks to the lithium-ion batteries produced by Honda, PCX Electric has enough power for electric scooters.

The advantages of batteries can be removed and installed as a detachable or called mobile battery, making them easy to use. hay / E-6


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