Examined by Bali Immigration, Maria Ozawa said to celebrate her friend's birthday


KOMPAS.com – Japanese artist Maria Ozawa (32) denied doing business in Denpasar when she was interviewed at the Institute I Immigration Class I in Denpasar, Bali, on Wednesday (11/07/2018).

Maria Ozawa, quoted from TV compass, claimed that she visited Bali to celebrate her partner's birthday. He felt disappointed because his presence was considered negative.

"I'm called to do business here, it's not true," said Maria Ozawa after being interviewed at the I-class immigration office in Denpasar, Bali on Wednesday morning.

"I came here for a party with my friends, it was a sensible activity," said Ozawa.

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Earlier, it was reported that a woman also known as Miyabi was summoned and examined for about 3 hours at the immigration office in Denpasar.

After studying for about 3 hours, Maria Ozawa was able to leave Bali to return to Japan.

So far, there is no known reason for calling Miyabi. The Immigration Office did not provide information on this subject.

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TV compass The former adult Japanese film artist Maria Ozawa on Wednesday (7/11) was examined for three hours by immigration in class 1 Denpasar in Bali, not yet known as the immigrant Maria Ozawa. After 3 hours of the exam, Maria was able to leave the immigration office and continue her trip to Japan.


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