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VIVA – The large number of people with diabetes and other deadly diseases in Indonesia is the reason why Fitbit is entering the market wearing in the country. In total, there are 10.2 million diabetics in Indonesia, and most of them result from a lifestyle such as unhealthy nutrition, rare exercise and lack of time to sleep.

After the introduction of Versa, Fitbit receives a new generation of Charge, which is Charge 3. The Charge version, according to the IDC report, is the Fitbit device with the largest number of shipments in the world.

Fitbit Charge 3 has a design that is quite premium, resistant to swimming, equipped with a wider touch screen that is able to track the health of its users thanks to sophisticated and intelligent features. For durability Fitbit Charge 3 is able to light up to 7 days.

"Unfortunately, we are a non-public company, which is why we can not provide details about the sale of Fitbit and market share in Indonesia," said Louise Lye, regional director of Fitbit SEA, Hong Kong, Taiwan, with a written statement, November 21, 2018.

"Of course, a total of 84 million Fitbit devices are sold, and the Charge version is the highest. We were in 86 countries and only one year in Indonesia. We opened 39,000 stores from 25.4 million active users around the world," he added.

"Health monitoring functions are attractive to buyers, combined with elegant designs and affordable prices, we are convinced that we can take 1 position in the clothing market," said Louise.

He is sure that Fitbit will dominate the market wearing in Indonesia. The data received represents about 54 percent of sales preorder on the official website it turned out that it was filled with old clients who were quite loyal.

Fitbit also has now Sleep Score Labs which helps users to get a high quality dream based on influencing factors. One of the supporting functions is 24/7 PurePulse heart rate monitoring.

In the case of Fitbit Charge 3, the price is Rp 2.8 million. A special edition costs 3 million IDRs. Available accessories are sold in the price range from 500,000 to 800,000 Rp. Until now, 35 million loading units have been sold worldwide.


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