How to check if your child's skin is sensitive or not


Jakarta (ANTARA News) – president of Indonesian children's dermatology (KSDAI) of the Indonesian Association of Skin and Sex Specialists (Perdoski) Srie Prihianti, Sp.KK, Ph.D, FINSDV, FAADV, revealed that it was difficult to know that a newborn baby has sensitive skin or not.

"Usually you only see the first three to four months, have an allergic talent, not necessarily eczema or atopic dermatitis, but maybe other allergies, such as asthma and others," he said on Monday at the premiere of "Cussons Baby Sensicare" in Jakarta.

A graduate of dermatology from Bangkok at the Thailand Institute of Dermatology, she explained that sensitive skin is sometimes confused with allergies.

"Allergy is just one cause of sensitive skin, because other causes can also result from family history," added the woman who had known Anti.

The doctor who completed his doctoral studies in medical sciences at the Juntendo University in Tokyo, Japan, reminded that sensitive skin can be known when babies use baby care products.

"Does it look like dry skin, rash, redness, bruntus or easy itching?" He said.

The Anti Doctor advises: "Make sure the baby care products are hypoallergenic, then try to use it in your inner hand, leave it for one to two hours." Later, the reaction will be visible regardless of whether it is allergic or not. "

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