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In September, 154 people in the city of Tangerang suffer from HIV AIDS

Tangerang City, IDN Times – Tangerang City Health Authority (Dinkes) reported that in September 2020, there were 154 people with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) / Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) in Tangerang City.

Director of Disease Prevention and Control (P2P) at the Tangerang City Health Authority, Indri Bevy, said the number of people living with HIV / AIDS (PLWHA) has fluctuated over the past five years.

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1. The number continues to decline since 2016

Health Bureau: 154 people suffer from HIV AIDS in Tangerang City as of SeptemberIllustration of World AIDS Day (IDN Times / Mardya Shakti)

Indri in detail, there are 154 people in September 2020, then 232 in 2019. Then there are 157 in 2018, 124 in 2017 and 105 in 2016.

According to him, free sex with safety devices or condoms, and changing partners are the causes of the HIV AIDS index. Indri having same-sex sex is also a contributing factor.

“Yes, same-sex, so sex is not safe, for both same-sex partners and for exchange partners. Due to the risk factor of MSM (male sex) – he said on Wednesday (02/12/2020).

2. No child has been infected by the mother with HIV / AIDS

Health Bureau: 154 people suffer from HIV AIDS in Tangerang City as of SeptemberIllustrated AIDS logo (IDN Times / Mardya Shakti)

Regarding the ODHA data count, there are no positive cases of infected babies from mothers. Because during pregnancy, the mother was instructed by the doctor to always check and take medications to prevent the baby from becoming infected.

“There is nobody from mother to child, we have classes triple elimination in pregnant women. So we checked the pregnant women and gave them drugs immediately, he said.

3. The community is expected not to stigmatize

Health Office: 154 people suffer from HIV AIDS in the city of Tangerang since SeptemberIllustration of support for people with AIDS (IDN Times / Mardya Shakti)

After that, people living with HIV are expected to continue taking antiretroviral drugs (ARVs). These drugs increase endurance, so people with AIDS can live longer.

“The hope is that they will take ARV drugs for life and will always be under control, they have to behave in a good way, stop using drugs, have free sex again,” he added.

Then people are expected not to negatively stigmatize those suffering from this virus.

“Don’t get stigmatized in all sorts of ways. They too are our brothers and finally they act in no danger. Receive them and encourage them, ”he said.

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