Thursday , January 21 2021

Israel receives 4 million additional doses of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, Cambridge – US-based biotechnology company Moderna Inc is expanding cooperation with Israel in the supply of COVID-19 vaccine. According to reports Reuters, Friday (4/12/202), Israel’s government received an additional 4 million doses of the candidate vaccine COVID-19.

Thus, Israel received the accent of 6 million doses of Moderna mRNA-1272. The vaccine development is currently underway COVID-19 is being reviewed by Israeli researchers.

There was no mention of the value of the cooperation signed by Moderna Inc and Israel. In addition, it is also unknown when the schedule for sending additional doses of the COVID-19 vaccine candidate.

In June 2020, Israel signed a cooperation agreement with Moderna in the field of the COVID-19 vaccine. This was done to protect its citizens from the new type of corona virus, in which Israel reported 339,942 positive cases, among which 2,890 casualties were reached.

Moderna Inc announced that it is currently continuing to increase world production. He has gone so far as to be able to deliver up to 500 million doses per year and possibly reach 1 billion doses per year starting in 2021.

Moderna has also applied for emergency use permits in the United States and the European Union. This was done after the results of the final stage of the study showed that the developed vaccine was 94.1% effective without serious side effects.

Not only Moderna, the Israeli government is also working with AstraZeneca Plc on COVID-19. Israel will later receive 10 million doses of the vaccine COVID-19 of this Anglo-Swedish company.

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