Jonathan Christie is much more ready, said Anthony Sinisuka Ginting


TRIBUNNEWS.COM, HONGKONG – He lost in the last 16 meeting of Hong Kong in 2018 with another representative of Indonesia, Anthony Sinisuka Ginting expressed his opinion.

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting lost to Jonatan Christie with the score 15-21, 23-25 ​​in the last 16th Hong Kong Open 2018 tournament.

Responding to the results he mentioned in the last 16 years in Hong Kong in 2018, Anthony felt that Jonathan appeared with more confidence than he himself.

"In the first game, Jonathan was more confident because the terrain conditions were" away from the wind, "said Anthony.

"But in the second game I could not keep up with the game, even though it was better, the direction of the ball was too monotonous several times," he said.

What's more, Anthony Sinisuka Ginting has another analysis of the game this time from his enemy.

This man from Cimahi revealed that Jonathan Christieter was better prepared than himself in today's match.

"The difference is that Jonathan is better prepared for everything this time, and he does not die alone," said Anthony.

Anthony also assessed his appearance in the last two games, and his analysis is as follows.

"Rating in these two tournaments, consistency needs to be improved, not the result, but the game on the pitch, can keep the pace of the game, should be able to finish," he said.

Thanks to the meeting 2018 2018 Hong Kong Open, the record-breaking meeting between Jonathan Christie and Anthony Ginting was a 2-2 draw.


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