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Not Flying, 18 Sriwijaya "Grounded" aircraft

JAKARTA, – Avirianto, Director of Airworthiness and Air Operations (DKPPU) at the Ministry of Transport, said that Sriwijaya Air has stopped operating 18 of its aircraft.

Dozens of planes did not work because they were found not to be airworthy.

"Of the only 30 aircraft that flew 12, this means that our control system is from Srivijaya qualityis already there grounded 18 aircraft, "said Avirianto when he was contacted on Monday (30/09/2019).

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Avirianto added that he still oversees the feasibility of aircraft operating in Indonesia. This should be done to ensure flight safety.

"That's why we also oversee the involvement of our own Sriwijaya inspectors authorized"Avirianto said.

Meanwhile, Sriwijaya Air's operations director, Fadjar Semirto, admitted that dozens of his planes were no longer operational. As a result, the frequency of airline flights has dropped dramatically.

"The plane already has over 50 percent from 30 to 12. What's more, the frequency of flights down the route from 245 to 110 to 120 per day," he said.

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Earlier, two directors of Sriwijaya Air resigned from their positions.

The two directors who resigned were the operations director of the Sriwijaya Air Fadjar Semiarto and the technical director of Sriwijaya Air Ramdani Ardali Adang.

This is a corollary of the news that Sriwijaya Air has been recommended to cease operations.

"We decided to give up to avoid it conflict of interest"Fadjar said in Jakarta on Monday.

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