Friday , December 4 2020

Not many people know that the Galaxy Note20 series has hidden functions to support various activities

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Samsung Galaxy Note20 series officially launched in Indonesia with many advanced features. This flagship smartphone series is designed to maximize the variety of activities related to the work and entertainment of users.

In short, the presence of this premium smartphone makes users more productive in doing what they like.

However, few people know that the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series also has a number of hidden functions.

As part of a program of the hidden features workshop that took place practically recently, technical reviewer Lucky Sebastian thoroughly discussed the hidden features he discovered.

“I found a lot of new things in productivity, cameras and performance features that further enhance my Samsung Galaxy Note20 Series experience,” said Lucky Sebastian.

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 series already has features that really support productivity, such as Samsung DeX and Link to Windows.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra and Note20, as well as Samsung Galaxy A30 and A50
Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra and Note20 and Samsung Galaxy A30 and A50 (

While Samsung DeX is very handy when users want to create presentations, the Link to Windows feature can easily transfer files from a user’s Galaxy Note20 series to a PC device and vice versa.

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However, it takes a long time to transfer files one by one via drag-and-drop.

In this chat, Lucky explained, users can easily transfer multiple files from a Samsung Galaxy Note20 Series to a computer using the myfiles app.

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With this myfiles application, users can tag all the files they want to transfer to their computer desktop.

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