PKB politicians: Many NK founding families support Jokow


Karding commented on Gus Irfan's support for Prabowo-Sandi

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – President of PKB DPP Abdul Kadir Karding said that many family members of the founders of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) supported Joko Widodo-Ma? Ruf Amint. He therefore considered Irfan Yusuf or Gus Irfan, who was Hasyim Asy's granddaughter to Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno's granddaughter, not to touch the Jokowi-Ma-ruf party.

"I do not think it will give a big or significant influence, because usually all of Hasyim Asy's descendants are on the Jokowi-Ma-ruf side," Karding said in Jakarta on Friday (11/2).

In general, he said that Hasyim Asy & # 39; ari had several descendants on the side of the presidential candidates and the vice president's No. 1 issue. He mentioned them, such as Ipang Wahid, Yenny Wahid, Muhaimin Iskandar, and Romahurmuzziy.

According to him, they are descendants of Hasyim Asy, who have strong influence and are tested in the community to allow NU residents to see these numbers. "In addition, the NU itself has institutionally encouraged Kiai Mawrufo to become representative, so I have seen so many inquiries about the community and the community I mentioned earlier," he said.

Formerly Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) granddaughter, Hasyim Asyâ € ™ ari, Irfan Yusuf, or Gus Irfan decided to join Prabowo-Sandi, chairman and vice-president of the candidate. Irfan said that in the past four years, due to circumstances in Indonesia, he took part in national politics.

"I'm comfortable with the pesantra, but this four-year-old has gained self-esteem, so I want to help you here," said Gus Irfan at Prabowo-Sandi Media Center in Jakarta on Thursday (11/11).

In the past four years, he said that domestic relations are not like in Indonesia, because everyone was mocked and controversial and worried that leaders did not know the condition. Irfan Yusuf also emphasized that he had to "go down the mountain" from his laundry to win the Prabowo-Sandi because the circumstances of the country were experienced in a number of economic and cultural crises.

For other reasons, he also decided to support Prabowo-Sandi because in the 2019 presidential election there were parties who wanted to argue that this battle was between the NU group and not the NU.


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